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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

More on Working with Crystal Grids!

Good Afternoon,

I have received a lot of positive, wonderful feedback concerning the last discussion on crystal grids.  I am so happy people liked the discussion. I have been asked though, to go into more detail on what I can construct a crystal grid to do and what I could magickally manifest using the grids.

Crystal grids can be used to manifest just about any outcome you desire. You simply need to give the grid time to condense and localize it's energy before it is sent out to the user.

We've discussed the Fab Five magickal spell casting goals before, i.e. money, love, healing, tranquility and protection. But crystal grids can be worked to manifest more specific goals not encompassed by the fab five.

You can, for instance, construct a grid to help you manifest the perfect job for you, or create the best possible, loving relationship with a significant other, You can use one to keep a loved one safe that is away from home, perhaps a soldier over seas, heal a sick animal or communicate with loved ones who have passed over. You can use a grid to banish harmful energies from your space, help you lose weight, have more endurance and stamina when working out, make you sleep better and more completely, keep your house tidy and organized, ensure a dinner party goes just right. There is no limit to where you can go with crystal grids.

  • So start by having a magickal goal. What will you manifest (change) in your life with the grid? 
  • Then start gathering the supplies. The diagram you will use, the crystals and stones and wand. 
  • Gather as needed, any additional supplies you'll need such as a petition paper or tarot card to put under the center focus stone. 
  • Smudge the area and your supplies to eliminate unwanted energies and enhance the wanted energies. 
  • You can lightly anoint each stone with a trace smear of essential oil, of course, in keeping with the magickal goal. 
  • After you have constructed your crystal grid, feel free to burn some candles around the grid, again also in keeping with the magickal goal. 
  • Remember to draw the path of the energies with the wand, from your third eye, to each stone around the pattern. 
If you have any questions, please refer to last weeks discussion on Crystal Grids. It was published right before this one and is the next in line as you scroll down the page. 

Crystal Grid work, as I have described it,  with it's various elements of construction and charging, becomes a multi-layered advanced spell casting tool that anyone can use. You must be focused and visualize each and every step clearly, construct it, ideally, in a magick circle or at least have all items in a magick circle, charge them and then construct the final grid where it will stay put. Make sure you can construct it and leave it set up with no disturbance for at least 40 days. 

As a final note to working with the grids or with magick in general, remember you can not do anything that will adversely affect  another, such as a curse or a hex. It simply will not work against them and will only come directly back to you. Never try to send a harmful or negative spell against another, no matter how 'righteous' you think you are. That is considered black magick and makes the person doing it a dark magician, and they will find their powers quickly taken away, rendering them incapable of manifesting anything, good or bad. Stick with love and light and your magick will be quite effective. Ms. Faith 

Peace and Happiness 

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