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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, February 19, 2016

Constructing and Working with Crystal Grids

Good Afternoon,

Today I want to introduce you to a very exciting spell casting concept. Crystal Grids. Nowadays, crystal grids are used in Reiki practice, in Eastern Indian culture and many magickal practitioners have used them. I am going to explain to you what they are, how to construct one, and how to use them.

Firstly, I will tell you, if you Google Crystal Grids and read about them or watch videos on the Internet about how to construct one, you will find dozens of ways and concepts concerning them. For our discussion today, I am going to explain to you how a witch constructs and uses a crystal grid.

Sacred Geometry:

There are man people on the Internet that simply place a bunch of crystals and stones on a table in a pretty formation and call that a crystal grid. It's not. The original concept of crystal grids go back in time and utilize sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is found in designs created by nature such as a Nautilus shell, an ear of corn, a honeycomb. One definition of a crystal grid and what it can do is as follows:  " A crystal grid is a collection, that you have chosen of many crystals, stones and minerals and that which you  arranged in a pleasing, harmonious sacred geometric arrangement on a grid design.   With your energy and the energy  of the stones, the pathways you create works magickally to convert  and focus all of the magickal energies combined which then manifests in a variety of forms (e.g. sound, light, electromagnetism) into a unified energy field tuned to a particular desire or magickal goal. The unified energy field that is created allows for vibrational manifestations of the crystal grid energies with the body, mind and spirit of the magickal practitioner, creating the desired manifestation in the life of the person who constructs the grid." 

Sacred geometry is natural formations found to be based on the Fibonacci sequence, number or code. This sequence of numbers, by measurement is found to occur in many forms in nature. The code is 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 and so forth. The first two numbers equal 2, the second and third number equal 3, the third and fourth number equals 5 and so on and so forth. If you use these numbers in measurements, scientists have found this sequence to be replicated throughout the natural world. As witches we don't need to be genius mathematicians to use sacred geometry and I have included some diagrams below that can be used to construct your crystal grid upon.

This grid formation is commonly called the "flower of life" and is excellent for many grid constructions.

This grid is commonly called the "seed of life"

This diagram is commonly called the "Reiki Grid"

By searching on the Internet you can find many different grids or mandalas, as they are also known. Once you have chosen a design, you can start constructing your crystal grid. You need a quartz crystal to place in the center of your grid. And at least 12 or more additional stones, crystals, minerals, tumbled stones or gemstones to surround your center crystal.

Constructing your Grid:

You also need a smudge stick of desert sage and a wand. A wand is very necessary, simply using your finger to create the pathway for the energy is not enough. If you do not have a witches wand, using a longer quartz crystal point as a wand will work.

Now to start: First, light your smudge stick and sage or smudge the area over the table where you will construct your grid. Smudging the entire room would be helpful also. Keep in mind, once the grid has been constructed, it needs to stay in place for at least 40 days to fully manifest what you desire. If you'd like you can keep a grid in place for up to a year, where it will continue to manifest your desires.

After you have smudged the area, then gather your stones and crystals. You need to know what the magickal properties of the stones you are using. For instance if you are creating a grid for prosperity and wealth, do not use stones known for drawing in love or healing. You need to use appropriate stones for what you are going to manifest. If the stones have multiple purposes like jade and lapis lazuli which are known for money drawing and wealth, but they are also strong love drawing stones you can absolutely use them for a love grid. Just know what you are using them for, and have a strong visualization in mind at the start.

Starting in the North, yes, you do need to know where you are directionally to construct a grid, start by placing the outer stones at intersecting points, if your diagram has them, going in a deosil or clockwise direction. If there are no intersecting points along the outer rim of your design, place the stones evenly along the perimeter. Then moving in to the center intersecting points, which every design will have, place the stones (these can be another choice of stone or crystal from the outer rim) on the intersections, again starting in the North and going deosil (clockwise). Then gently place the center crystal last. At this time, if you'd like, you can write a word, indicating what your desire for the grid to manifest is, on a piece of paper and place it under the center crystal.

After you have placed all of the stones and crystals, your grid may look something like these:

These are just a few of the many designs you can come up with. And by using different stones, crystals, designs and desires your crystal grid will be unique to you and unlike any others.

Now that you have constructed the crystal grid, it is not finished yet. Just placing a bunch of stones on a table may have some effect, like carrying magickal stones in your pockets, but we can intensify the effect and make the manifestation so much more powerful by charging your grid.

Charging your Grid:

Take your witches wand or the crystal point and sitting near the grid, get comfortable and relax. Breath in and out for a few moments and see a strong visual of what you wish to manifest in your mind. Then take your wand or crystal point and touch it to your forehead, to your third eye. Hold it there for a moment and then touch the first outer stone you placed in the North. After touching that stone move the wand to the next stone going closer to the center crystal. You are making an energetic pathway from each stone to the center crystal. Keep moving around the grid, going clockwise, touching one stone, then the next, then the center crystal, every now and again touching your third eye and then more stones. You want to slowly make your way around the design three times. Touching each stone with your wand and then making your way to the center stone and so on. Once you have gone around three times, then with
keeping your wand in the air above the grid and not touching anything, move it along three times in the air in a circle over the grid, again in a clockwise direction.

When you're finished say "So Mote it Be" and you're done.  Leave your grid up for at least 40 days, and do not try to move it or deconstruct it. If you do, you will have to complete all the steps again to re-construct it, so be sure it's where you want it to be before you start.

You are using many magickal energies when using a crystal grid. You are using the energies of sacred geometry, the magickal energies inherent in the natural stones, your magickal energy from your third eye, the magickal energy of visualization and the energy of the pattern or pathway which is the same as walking a labyrinth.
There are a lot of magickal energies all coming together to manifest your desire. You can use a crystal grid to manifest just about anything you desire. But do it for yourself. To help another, show them how to construct a crystal grid. Doing for yourself, unless you are very close and have a very loving relationship with that person, is best. Even if you help another person with the construction of a grid, have them use the wand and visualize. It will be much more effective for them.

This discussion was more lengthy and detailed than usual, but constructing a crystal grid is by no means a fast and easy practice. But the end results are worth it. So read this discussion over carefully and get to work gathering all of your supplies. If you are in the area of Enchantments we sell the diagrams and all of the stones, crystals, smudge and wands you might need. Also any questions the Witches of Enchantments would be happy to answer, just give us a call.

Happy Crystal Grid Constructing!

Peace and Happiness

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