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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Words from The Goddess, so Very Much Needed at this Time

Good Afternoon,

This has been such a week of tragedy, with the bombings in Brussels, the continued killings in the Middle East, so much hatred and fear growing and flourishing in the United States and around the world, as people try to figure out who is harmful and who is not. Who is a threat and who is not.

I thought about this post for a long while, a week or more, and after the bombings yesterday, decided it needed to be put out there. I have, over the years, had the occasional prophetic dream.  A dream, that upon awakening, has come true or has had an impact on my life. Well, I had a curious dream about a week ago I want to share with you.  I shared it with all the participants at our Ostara Spring Equinox celebration last Saturday and decided to discuss it with you here.

There is so much stuff going on in the world today, sadness, hatred, neglect, abuse both of animals and humans, especially children, war, maiming and killing, the list seems endless. I had a few things going on in my life the last few weeks, a witch's life isn't always bubbles and sunshine! And I went to bed one night less than happy and wondering at the state of the world and my place in it.

Right before I woke up, when you're in the warm, fuzzy, dream like state, right before your brain sharpens and floods you with reality, I heard a voice. A female voice. I remember smiling, as I knew it was the Goddess speaking to me, and I found it cool that her voice, for me, was feminine. Now, I have never heard the Goddess speak directly to me before, or if She has, I wasn't in a place to remember it. But I knew the words she spoke that morning to me, needed to be remembered.

I also found it curious the words she chose, and she said " I have hard-wired you all, for one thing and one thing only .  .  . Love! Nothing else matters, nothing else is important. Try to get back to the beginning, where there is only Love." 

I woke up and thought about Her words and am still thinking about them, as they seem simple enough on the surface, but they feel like they go deep, very, very deep into my soul. With everything happening in the world, surely there must be more than just Love?

Shouldn't we feel anger at the senseless murders and deaths taking place every day? Shouldn't we cry at the abuse of animals and children and of each other? Shouldn't we demand justice for all the injustices and wrongs in the world?

Or should we? Yes, I believe we are in a human framework right now and that is to be taken into consideration. But when I feel helpless with all that is happening that I can't change, that none of us can change, when I feel angry at the unfairness of life, when I want to in some way blame someone for all that's wrong in the world, I come back to Her words.


Just that simple. Just that easy. Maybe that is all I need to remember .  .  .  is Love. Maybe that is all I need to do .  .  .  Is to Love.

I wanted to share this with you. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go stir my cauldron for a while and contemplate this message.  .  .  Love.

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Thank you Miss Faith, This has brought sunshine into my gloomy day.