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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Making Magickal Wands

 Good Afternoon,

Today, in magickal studies classes at Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts, we went wand harvesting. Firstly, you don't need to go to some sacred, magickal forest to gather your wands. We went into the parking lot of Enchantments, which is lined with many trees and shrubs and we gathered our wands there.

First thing you do, is identify the tree from which you are gathering your wand. Look up the magickal properties of the wood. Does it have the qualities you'd like? A very good website to check out the magickal properties of a type of wood is They list in alphabetical order most trees and types of wood and their specific magick, contained therein.
Find the spot were you will saw the branch from the tree. If it's being cut next to the trunk, leave an inch or so of branch attached to the trunk to prevent the wound from rotting and killing the tree.

Next take your saw and cut the branch. Now, holding the branch an inch or so away from where it was cut from, take your athame or your finger and cut the air between the ends of the cut branch. This will cut the etheric body of energy the tree branch has and the energy will stay within the branch. Place your hand on the tree and thank it if you wish to.

Now you can strip the, excess branches and leaves and then bark from the wand or leave it on, depending on how it looks to you. Sand it down, remove little branch nodules and you can even stain it if you wish. You can add crystals to the end or wrap it in gold or silver or copper wire, whatever makes it special to you.

Bring your wand into a magick circle and consecrate it with fire, incense smoke and water. It will be ready to use.

Use wands to cast a magick circle, but be sure to use an athame with a metal blade to seal the circle, or a sword for that matter. If the energy of the wood your wand is made from is for loving energies, such as Lilac, you can use the wand to touch to red candles to intensify the loving energies the candles will draw when burned.

Take a wand with the magickal properties you desire and make a large circle in the air in front of you from the ground to above your head. Wave the wand in this circle several times, you can chant an incantation if you wish to. After a few minutes of moving the wand in this large circle, going deosil stop moving the wand. then step into the circle you created and stand within the moving currents of energy. Open your palms and mouth and absorb the energies, feeling them flowing into you and all around you. After a few minutes you can step 'out' of the circle and go about your business.You will continue to draw those magickal properties to you throughout your day and night.

Magick wands can be used to stir magick potions and brews. To lay on your altar to bring in desired properties of your spell. There are many ways to use this magickal wood. Many of the ways you might discover for yourself if you just sit with the wand and try to feel it's energy. Close your eyes, open your mind and see what it says to you.

One final note, never use dead wood found lying on the ground for your magickal wand. It has no energy and will not aid you in your magick. Always harvest from a living, healthy tree.

Happy wand harvesting!

Peace and Happiness

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