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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Garden Blessing

 Pink Wave Petunias

Good Afternoon,

This past Saturday found the students of Enchantments, School for the Magickal Arts, out in the witches garden learning about planting a garden using some witchy tips.  I want to share some of these with you.

 Dusty Miller

We planted several pink wave petunias and Dusty Miller.  We took each plant out of it's pot and and gently tore off the bottom inch of root bound roots. Then taking the root ball in hand, we gently tore it in half and then again in half only about a half way up to the root ball. This just loosens the bottom roots and allows water and air to get to the root ball. Then, here comes a witchy tip, hold the roots up to your mouth, about 2 - 3 inches away and blow a deep breath on the roots. This 'breathes' life into the plant and helps it bond with you.

Then gently place the plant, root side down, into a hole you've dug just big enough to fit the entire root system into the ground. Firm the dirt up and around the base of the plant. Be sure not to cover the plant too high up on it's stem with dirt or it can die. Just cover the root ball.

Another thing you can do is rub your hands together, or clap your hands and bring your energy up. Place your hands on the plant and say out loud to the plant "I am phamaceutea" . This, according to the fabulous Wiccan and Magickal scholar Raven Grimassi, is one of the first words for witch. The plant world has an ancient memory bank and has the ability to communicate with us. You've heard of those people who talk to plants, well it's true and they can understand us. By telling the plant that you are pharmaceutea, you are telling it you mean no harm, you are working an ancient magick the plants remember, and you will only do what is best for the garden. This means if you have to pull out weeds, they will understand they must be sacrificed for the good of all.

Then we cast a magick circle which encompassed the entire garden and imagined a bright white light infusing the entire garden. We rubbed our hands together and held them out to the garden and turned in a slow deosil (clockwise) circle and visualized  energy flowing from the palms of our hands out into the garden. The energy touching each and every plant. Then we opened the circle and class was finished.

It's very easy to garden in a magickal way, if you just put some thought and your internal magickal energy into it. It works every time. And if you do everything right and you still lose a planting during the winter or even during the summer months, don't despair. Working with living things takes effort and even with our best efforts they sometimes die. Learn what you can about your garden, how it's located, full sun, partial sun, full shade. Whether it is dry soil or wet. Is the plantings in a micro climate close to a building? The more you learn about your specific garden the more successful you will be with your gardening. But it is a labor of love.
And if you love your garden, it will love you back.

Happy Gardening

Peace and Happiness

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  1. LOL I like when you say "and here comes the witchy part"