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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Offerings to Deity and Santa's Milk and Cookies

Good Afternoon,

Often in the practice of the Wiccan religion we have a practice of making an "offering". I've been asked to explain this. First an offering is something 'given' in thanks to the Gods or Deity. An offering can be a piece of bread or cake, a chalice of wine or drink. Of course the actual offering isn't consumed but the 'essence' of the gift is considered received by the Gods/Goddess in thanks for their being in our lives.

You can burn a candle as an offering, offer up a gift made of natural materials, such as a wreath or spray of flowers. Giving thanks with an offering is a centuries old tradition, such as with votive candles (the squat chunky candles), the name comes from a votive offering which means offered or consecrated in fulfillment of a vow.

The lighting of candles at one time were done to thank the Gods/Goddesses/Saints for their involvement in our lives. Then lighting candles to pray for a person became popular.

A tradition at Christmas that is more secular than religious today is the offering of cookies and milk to Santa Claus who at one time was known as Father Christmas or St. Nicholas. Many still do this holiday tradition without realizing they are participating in a centuries old tradition.

I wish everyone a magickal, happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday.

Peace and Happiness

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