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Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to charge, consecrate or bless magickal items

The Earth's Magic Circle - The Northern Lights. A picture taken by NASA from space of the Northern Lights on Earth

Good Afternoon,

Do you have a new athame, wand, talisman or amulet you'd like to consecrate? Just about any tool used in magick can be cleansed, consecrated, charged or blessed so it has just the energies you want in it. There are several ways to do this and some are more challenging than others.

One way is to cast a circle and while inside the circle take your item and run it through the incense smoke, then sprinkle some blessed water on it then touch it briefly to the candle flame.  Another method is to take your item and place it on the altar pentacle and let it sit there for a few minutes. That's all you need to do.

Some traditional methods of consecrating a tool is to place it under the full moon for an hour or so. In my research, to do this be sure to do it outside, as the energies of the sun or moon through window glass loses much of it's magickal energy.  You may also place your item under the full sun for an hour or so. Holding the item in a running stream of natural water is also good, though a bit more challenging to accomplish without losing the item.

A way suggested to me from a magickal friend recently was to place the items on the floor, along the magick circle you cast. Such as magickal stones and such. Place them along the line where your boundary of the magick circle would be and conduct your ritual. Pick them up after you finish the ritual and they will be charged and very strongly emanate the energies from the circle.

These are some methods for charging your tools and items to be used in magickal practice. I am also careful of using anything that has been owned previously. Some items may have a good energy in them, some may not. If you wish to use an older, previously owned item, hold it and sit with it for  few moments and get a sense of it's energy. If it feels good to you, use it and consecrate it as described above. If the energy doesn't feel right, don't try to change it, just put the item aside and don't bring it home. It's not meant for you.

I hope these magickal tips prove helpful to you as your journey along your magickal path.

Peace and Happiness

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