The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

How a Witch prepares for Winter

Good Afternoon,

Well, Samhain/ Halloween is behind us and Winter beckons. There are things that need to be done to prepare for the upcoming dark half of the year.

It's time to cut and dry any last herbs and medicinal/magickal plants you might still have left in your garden. hang them in a dark (out of the sunlight) spot and let them dry for a week or two before puttig them away in jars for the winter.

Gather all of your used candles and have them ready to use for rituals and spellcasting, trying to use them up before Imbolc in February when we replace all of our old candles with new ones.

Take the ribbons off of your Maypole and burn them, if you haven't already done this at Samhain. Then replace them with ribbons colored silver, purple and black to honor the winter months.

Trim down garden grasses, ornamentals, and discard the cuttings or place at the edge of a wood line so birds can use the grasses for nest building and repair. Also place outside, in small clumps, dryer lint so birds can line their nests for the upcoming cold winter.

Get your bird feeders and seed ready for winter. If you have a bird bath you can put a small heater in it, the kind made for bird baths, to keep the water liquid during cold snaps.

These are just a few of the things a witch needs to do to properly prepare for the upcoming winter. The winter is a time of rest, rejuvenation and renewal. Getting ready for winter before the snow flies will give you a sense of accomplishment and make you ready both physically and spiritually.

Peace and Happiness

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