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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

There Were Terrible Happenings that Awful Summer of 1692, and The Story of Giles Corey

Good Afternoon,

This upcoming Sunday, September 7th, 2014, I will be conducting our annual trip to Salem, Mass and giving a lecture on the witch trials of 1692. For those who cannot make the trip let me tell you a few things about that hot, terrible summer.

From June through September of 1692, hundreds of innocents were accused, jailed and 19 were condemned and put to death by hanging on Gallow's Hill. One man, Giles Corey, was crushed to death under torture when he refused to speak after being accused.

Giless' story is interesting, for when you were accused of a crime in this era, you were expected to say that you were either innocent or guilty. By stating so, regardless of which, your lands, money and any assets could be taken by the local government. Giles knew this, he also knew that by refusing to speak, his assets could not be touched! So he said nothing. The Sheriff at the time, Sheriff Corwin, laid Giles out in the street and placed a big, heavy door upon him. Then he had men pile up stones upon the wooden door, making the weight and pressure of the stones lay heavy on Giless' chest.

After a while, Sheriff Corwin clambered atop the pile of stones and stood with his full weight on Giles and asked Giles "What say you? Innocent or guilty?" Giless' tongue protruded out of his mouth, and the Sheriff took his walking stick and pushed his tongue back in and asked again "What say you, Giles Corey? Are you innocent or guilty of the charges against you?" and in reply Giles said only two words "More weight".

In frustration, the Sheriff jumped down and had the men place even more stones upon Giles and then  finally the weight of the door and the stones did their evil deed and crushed Giles Corey's chest, killing the man.

Giles Corey is considered one of the 20 people put to death during the Salem Witch Trias of the Summer of 1692. There were a few that died in prison and also two or three dogs also hung at Gallow's hill.
You see dogs, at that time, were considered to be consorts of the witches and it was believed they would do evil deeds for their witch masters, so the witch hunters accused and hung some dogs also.

It was a Summer of hysteria, paranoia and panic. Hundreds were imprisoned under cruel, harsh conditions and many were affected for decades after that awful Summer.

Come with us and meet us at noon in Salem at the 1692 Victim's Memorial to hear a longer, more complete story of the Witch Trials of the Summer of 1692 and participate in a memorial service for those who lost their lives that year. Then tour the city of the Witches with me, Ms. Faith, and the rest of the Witches of Enchantments. I look forward to seeing you there!

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