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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Visit by a Spirit and Our Annual Trip to Salem Mass

 Good Afternoon,

As a witch I have dealt with spirits before. Usually on my terms. We have spirits at Enchantments that will visit at times and a friendly woman spirit that will say "hello" to the customer's, occasionally. But the other night I was sleeping soundly and dreaming when I turned over and half awake I heard a mans voice say "Hello Faith".  I said "Hello" and realized what was happening and I opened my eyes and thought I could see a tall, thin man standing in my bedroom. I blinked a few times, then turned on my bedside lamp. The tall, thin shape I made out was my china cabinet. I know I could have been dreaming, but my dreams had nothing to do with a man, and I know I heard his voice clearly. It woke me up. Instead of being scared or freaked out, I just thought about his voice and realized it was friendly. Well, friendly is good for me. I turned out the light and went back to sleep. I know we don't have any spirits that inhabit my house, so it must have been passing through. Spirits will do that at times. I don't know why he stopped by, but maybe it was just for a brief visit!

We are about to  embark on our next annual trip to Salem, Mass. Every year the Witches of Enchantments caravan to Salem, Mass to enjoy a day in the Witch capital of the world. If you want to go, you're invited. This year we will be going on Sunday, September 7th and you can meet us in Salem, at the 1692 Victim's Memorial at Noon. I will conduct a lecture about the 1692 witch trials and after that we hold a Memorial service where we will place roses on the stone memorials for all 20 victims of the witch trials. Afterwards we all go to a fun eatery where we have lunch together, then we travel around Salem, visiting the witch shops run by witches, for witches. I don't bring you to any of the 'touristy' spots, but to the real witches Salem.

If you'd like to go I suggest you head up to Salem to meet us at the victim's memorial at Noon. There is a visitor's center where you can get a nifty brochure/map showing all of the attractions of Salem. The Visitor's Center is located at 2 New Liberty Street, Salem, Mass. I would put this into my GPS and plan about a two hour drive from the Greater Hartford, CT area.  There is no charge for my tour of Salem, and everybody's welcome.

Just for your information. So many people ask me if I go to Salem, Mass in October. The answer is no, I do not. The reason .  .  .   well 20 years ago I started to go to with friends to Salem, annually. At that time the Salem Chamber of Commerce told me they received approximately 40,000 tourists a year in Salem. I checked in with them about 10 years ago and the numbers are now, approximately 400,000 people visit Salem in the month of October alone! That, my witchy friends, is NOT a typo. Yes almost a half million people in one month! It makes it hard to get into any stores, the lines reach down the block. Impossible to get a table at a restaurant, let alone trying to find a place to park. I recommend early September. There's less people, you can still get the flavor and feel for the witch city without the massive throngs of people. There are those who love to go in October and to them I wish the very best of experiences. But for this witch, I go when I can really enjoy the city, not have to wait to be seated in a restaurant and can find a parking place in the parking garage.

It would be great if you decided to come with us this year. I hope you do. Ms. Faith

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  1. That is awesome!! I so wish I could meet you... but it isn't something that my budget has room for. I'm like you, find a good time that everyone else isn't all going too, so that there is a more real feeling of it all, and makes it more fun. If any of those shops do mail order, please post them and bring us back great pics!!! Very cool, and have lots of fun!!

  2. Hay Faith, I will try to meet up with you folks in September. It sounds like fun. Blessed Be, Robyn