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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Magick to be Found in our Autumn Gardens

 Good Afternoon,

The gardens are looking so lovely right now. I love the Autumn gardens with their late season blooms and fragrances. Let me tell you a little about the magick they hold this time of year.

 Asters - These beautiful blooms are rampant in the Autumn gardens now. They come in colors from white, to purple to pink. Many times they grow from seeds dropped by birds and some will weed them out of the garden early thinking they are simply weeds. But I always wait to see and I'm often surprised with beautiful fun, happy asters blooming in my garden. The magickal property of asters is love. It's gender is feminine, and it's deity is Venus. The ancient Greeks would use asters for love rituals and for all activities pertaining to love. You can use them in spells for love and burn dried asters on charcoal briquettes for love spells.

Another beautiful flower in the garden this Fall is the Chrysanthemum or simply mums.

The mum's magickal property is protection. I like to put mums out in front of my doorsteps and near entrances to the house or building. Beautiful and protective all at once! It's gender is male and it's element is fire. Be careful not to eat or drink anything with mum in it as it's labelled poisonous. But it can be worn to keep evil spirits away and bouquets of mums in the house help repel negative energies.

Also blooming this time of year is the Daisy.

The daisy's magickal property is lust and love. It's gender is feminine and it's element is water. Use in love spells and wear to attract love to you. In bouquets, daisies represent the fresh new spirit of young love and beginning romances. Pick the first daisy of the season to have romantic admirers follow you and become besotted with you.

These are just some of the magickal, beautiful flowers blooming in your garden now. I'll discuss more Autumnal blooms in the coming weeks of this discussion. I hope you are having a happy Fall!

Peace and Happiness

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