The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Magickal Train Ride this Week

Good Evening,

I just returned home from a lovely trip to upstate Vermont this week. I go up yearly to see family and it was a wonderful trip this year.  While on vacation we decided to take a train ride to the top of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire, a part of the White Mountains. 

While the day we went up the mountain proved to be overcast, foggy and rainy and we couldn't see the fabled hundreds of miles, we did have an interesting train ride up and back down the mountain.

I saw Balsam fir trees only  a foot or so high, but which were hundreds of years old. The elevation, the summit is 6,288 feet,  and conditions cause the trees and other plants to grow stunted.  I saw other plants, small sedums with vibrant tiny flowers, grasses, tiny white birch trees and boulders and stones heavily covered with lichen.

One of the best sights we saw was a brilliant red fox bounding in the grasses at the lower elevations and then he stopped and just looked at us as the train lumbered by going a respectable 6 miles per hour.  As we went up and then down (each trip was an hour in duration) I scanned the darkened woods looking for wild life. Except for the fox we didn't see any on this trip, but the witch in me could feel the eyes of many creatures as they watched us go by.

The weather was a quick dose of winter with the temperatures in the low 30's on top of the mountain and the wind speeds at 25 miles an hour. A chilly experience to be sure.

We were glad to come back down to lower elevations and higher temperatures after our afternoon excursion.

I enjoyed the day, the flora and fauna and the magickal feel that always overcomes me when I'm surrounded by nature.

I hope you are enjoying your fall. 

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