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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More early Spring time magick from nature

Good Evening,

Last week's discussion talked about bringing in spring blooming flowers indoors. Today's discussion talks about the magick of nature once again, this time with early spring flowers in your garden this time of year. Yes, I said spring!

You see for a Pagan that follows the Wheel of the Year, February 1st, right around the corner, is our first spring ritual.  We see things like the ice starting to break up in the ponds and on the lakes, winter birds flying North again and green life starting to grow again in the garden.

Two such early spring blooming plants are Cyclamen and Prim Rose.  Cyclamen will actually blossom in the January garden especially if it's protected and not covered with feet of snow.

This is the beautiful Cyclamen

 You can grow this plant out of doors yourself in your garden if you wish. But don't plant it NOW! It needs time to acclimate, so plan on planting one in your garden during the summer months. Then by next spring it will be ready to bloom.

Another hardy, early spring bloomer is Prim Rose. Prim rose has many beautiful colors and different varieties, but I prefer the low growing variety that is multi colored. Like this one

These also need to be uncovered of snow and they will be blooming in your garden as early as March. Such a pleasant surprise to be walking in your spring garden, just looking for a rare green sprout or leaf and coming across these beauties. 

As for a bit more of Nature's magick, I looked up in the morning skies today and saw my first flock of Canada geese flying back North!  I look for them every year and the earliest I've seen them is February 1st. I am making a prediction (before our furry friend the ground hog) that it will be an early spring. Now, now that doesn't mean, no more snow or any further snow storms. It just means we'll be out in our spring gardens earlier this year than usual.  Now, we'll wait and see how accurate I am!

Peace and Happiness

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