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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Moon, New Year Spell

 Happy New Year!

Well, today is an auspicious day indeed. Today is the first day of 2014 and it is a New Moon!  This is the best time to bring in the new and discard the old.

It is common at New Year's to have some 'resolutions' for the upcoming year. A witch does a similar thing, but we do it a bit differently. 

Firstly, cast a magick circle. Then get some paper and sit down, light a candle and calm and center yourself. Think of the wonderful things you wish to bring into your life in the upcoming year. This can be done without the magick circle, but it's most effective in the circle.

If you can't cast a magick circle, or do not know how, then sit down and close your eyes and envision blue light surrounding your body. Move this blue light out to completely surround you and make a big sphere around you. Think of the bubble that Glinda, the Good Witch of the North was floating in, in the movie "The Wizard of Oz. That's the image of you floating within a blue bubble that I want you to envision.

After you have that image in your mind's eye, then open your eyes, take your paper (we use flash paper, so it burns up without leaving ash behind, but simple writing paper is acceptable), then write your wishes for the upcoming year.

After it is written, and you can write one thing or several, it's up to you, then fold the paper three times and hold it between your palms for a few moments. 'See' your life with these wonderful things within it, then speaking to the Goddess say aloud "So Mote it Be".  Blow on the paper between your palms three times and then hold the corner of the paper to the candle flame.  Allow the paper to burn up, without unfolding it, be careful here and practice good fire safety!

Place burning paper, if you don't use flash paper it will take a few moments to completely burn up, in a fire proof container. Flash paper, as it sounds, flashes up in a brief, bright flash of fire and instantaneously goes out, leaving no trace behind.

Then thank the Goddess and sit for a moment and imagine yourself drawing the blue light back into your body. As you sit there breath in and out, and inhale a bit more strongly, breathing in the blue light, the magickal, the wonderful.

Then go about your regular day, knowing inside that a very special thing has taken place. A New Year, a New Moon spell cast by you especially for you for this upcoming year.

Happy New Year's and Peace and Happiness to you and yours!

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