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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bringing in Life during the Dead of Winter

Good Afternoon,

We find ourselves sitting here, braving the worst of winter with temperatures below zero for many.   This time of year, there is little alive outside, as the plants and trees sleep in deep dormancy. I like to bring in life indoors, during this time of year. 

You may still be able to buy fall bulbs in your local nursery or home improvement store, if not then now is the time to plan for next year. While we were out and about during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas we ran across boxes of bulbs meant for growing inside during the winter. The two types sold specifically for this type of indoor growing are Amaryllis and Paper White Narcissus. 

I grabbed a few boxes of each and brought them home and put them on a shelf until around Thanksgiving time. Then I opened the boxes and potted up the bulbs. These flowers come in a kit that has potting soil and a special pot for which to grow them in. It's all in there, you just need to place the bulbs, cover in soil and water. Then place in a sunny window and watch them grow. It's so nice to see something living and thriving during such a cold, harsh winter.

Here are some pictures of Amaryllis. They come in many different colors and when open usually have four big blossoms that are back to back. Simply lovely.

I also like to grow Paper White Narcissus which is a tiny white daffodil. They are fragrant, though some people don't like the strong scent, but they are beautiful and fresh during a cold, harsh time. Here are some paper whites:

Simply beautiful!

You can grow them indoors yourself. It's still early in winter, call your local nursery and see if they have any boxed narcissus or Amaryllis still available. I also like to purchase Amaryllis and keep until May or June. Then I pot them up and grow them outdoors to be placed on tables in the garden. Amaryllis like to have walls close about their bulbs, so planting them in the pot works better than planting them straight into the garden. But regardless of the time of year you grow them, they are sure to bring you happiness and smiles.

Happy Winter Gardening!

Peace and Happiness

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