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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Gratitude - In which direction should it be directed?

 Good Evening,

Happy New Year!! I hope you have had a lovely holiday season and are looking forward to an exciting and prosperous New Year ahead. Tonight I want to discuss with you .  .  .   gratitude.

I believe having gratitude for the blessings in our lives is a healthy concept to employ.  Yet there are times when it seems gratitude gets a bit skewed. That is, the direction in which it is expected to take. 

Do you do things for others and expect gratitude in return? Why? I believe the things we do for others should come  from a desire to simply do those things, and not from a place of expecting and wanting thanks in return. Now, don't get me wrong, getting thanks for your actions is always nice.  But doing things with that expectation and in some cases, not doing something because thanks wasn't received the first time, is a way to lower your vibrational energy.

That's right! We live, work, breath on a level or wave of vibrational energy, and the actions, thoughts and energy we send out can affect the frequency of that vibrational energy. 

For instance, do you send out holiday cards? Many people do. Do you compare who sends you cards and adjust the following year? I know people who do this. Why? Send out the cards to those whom you are thinking of and be grateful for those who send you cards. But to keep a check list of those who do and those who don't? This will result in a lowering of your vibrational energy.

Do you have a Facebook account? I often see people 'cleaning up' their Facebook accounts and deleting friends. Simply because some people don't interact with them as often as they feel they should.  What a waste of time and energy, in my opinion! One can have up to 5,000 friends on Facebook and to interact with all of them would be an impossibility, not to mention wasting time and vibrational energy!

Do you ever see people on the exits that hold up signs that say " homeless, poor, please help"? They are becoming more prevalent in these tough economic times. Many people say they don't give money to them, because 'they might use the money for drugs or alcohol', 'they make thousands of dollars doing this and don't need the money', etc. etc. When you give to someone, don't rationalize it on their part. It doesn't matter what they will do with that money, it really doesn't. It matters that you sent it out into the universe and that energy comes back to you and raises your vibrational energy frequency. If you're not inclined to help them initially, then don't. But .  .  .  if your first thought is to give them a few dollars, then you talk yourself out of doing so because you rationalize what they might do with the money, or how deserving they may be .  .  .  this is what we are talking about tonight.

Gratitude should be directed outward. It's not necessary to have it be returned. Although that energy will return back to you, perhaps from a source different from what you expect, but that's o.k. it doesn't have to come from the area where you sent your gratitude.

We can only control what we send out. We should not interfere with it's path back to us.

Peace and Happiness

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