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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Intro to Pagans, Witches & Wicca in April at MCC

Good Evening,

As you may be aware, I teach an Introductory course on Pagans and Witches at Manchester Community College and have for over ten years.  If you have ever thought to take this class, please consider it this Spring Semester as the last couple of semesters the course has been cancelled for lack of attendance.

I will be teaching this course 'An Introduction to Pagans, Witches and Wicca' CRN#11921 on four Monday evenings in April, 4/8 - 4/29 from 7 - 9 pm at Manchester Community College in Manchester, CT. The cost for the semester is $65 and is payable to MCC.  If you are interested in attending this program, you may register over the phone by calling 860-512-3232 and pay with a credit card.

This course is a PowerPoint and lecture presentation that covers the following:

First classHistory of the witch, magickal terminology, witchcraft today, Wheel of the Year, the elemental world

Second classSetting up an altar, and casting a magick circle, conducting a ritual

Third class-Spell Casting, The Science of witchcraft, Anatomy of a spell, Spell Manifestation, the first year’s five magickal goals 

Last class-- Potions workshop at Enchantments at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT. The student will be able to make a potion for one of the following magickal goals for a $10 materials fee: Money, Love Protecton, Healing, or Tranquility.
All of the above and more are discussed and questions answered in this exciting four week program. Again, if you have ever thought that you might like to take this course, please sign up right away to reserve your place in class. If attendance is not sufficient the class will be discontinued. Only four people need to sign up to guarantee this program. I hope you can make it. 
Peace and Happiness  

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