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Friday, January 11, 2013

Divination, Fortune Telling. . . is it real? How to Spot a Fraud

 Good Evening,

Tonight I wish to discuss with you some concepts to be found in the ancient art of Divination.  To begin with divination is the art of seeing into the past, present and most commonly the future. A regularly used method today uses the Tarot. There are many methods or techniques for determining the future of a client  and I, myself, use several, including  the crystal ball, the tarot cards, witches runes and stone divination.

 There is, today, much speculation when it comes to fortune telling and how authentic it really is. For myself, I started 'seeing' things that would then happen when I was about 12 to 14 years old. I then came across a tarot card deck when I was about 16 and started to read the cards. I have been reading cards ever since.

So, how do I come to see things that will then happen in people's lives? I can't honestly say, but my clients come back time and time again to re-affirm that what I had seen in the cards did indeed come to pass. There are those skeptics that speculate that a psychic is merely someone who is hyper aware of tiny details and super observant and then 'reads' this information back to a client. I can see how this could be true for reading a person's past and present, but how could one possibly see a detail today and tell someone what will come to pass six months from now? For myself, I believe in psychic ability because I believe everyone has it,  not just a chosen few. It's simply a matter of developing it. This is one of the things I teach at Enchantments.

Now, let me add a disclaimer here! YES, there are charlatans out in the world around us who claim to be able to read a person's future, yet they are nothing more than frauds. Here's some pointers on how to tell the difference between a real psychic and a phony. 

  • A real psychic doesn't care if others sit in on the reading (as long as the client wishes it) nor if the session is tape recorded, video taped, or observed in any way.  A phony will insist that only the client can be present, that the information is only meant for the client, blah, blah, blah. A real psychic has nothing to hide and I tell clients they can bring their attorney with them if they want. It's their reading, not mine. 

  • A real psychic charges for the reading and only the reading. There is never hidden additional fees involved in the reading such as i.e "there's a curse placed upon (the client) that for an additional fee I can remove for you." Or "You need to come back and bring something (an article of clothing, picture, hair etc) along with additional money for me to work this spell for you" and things along that line. A reading should be a single charge, paid for in advance with no increase for future readings. 

  • A client should never be encouraged to come back frequently for additional readings. I advise clients who wish for additional readings to come back when what we saw in the current reading starts to come to light. Now a client may wish for a financial reading today and a love reading next week. That's acceptable, but it should be the clients desire not a recommendation from the reader (psychic). 

  • If possible, find out how long a psychic reader has been in that location. Readers who move from location to location, town to town, state to state are suspect. I have known a few frauds who moved just about every two to three years and in doing so, stayed ahead of the local authorities whose job it is to shut down charlatans and frauds.

  • Beware!!!! Of readers who claim you have a curse placed upon you, or other evil, negative influences that surround you. Modern readers today do not look for the negative and if something seems amiss it's really up to the client to determine if it's a good or bad thing in their lives. For instance, I may see that someone's job is coming to an end. The client may think its a good thing if they are preparing to retire or leave that job for a better one. Or the client may think its a bad thing as they are on the brink of being fired! BUT, most importantly, IT IS NOT up to me to make that determination. It is up to the client.  

  • In conclusion,  when having a reading done, make sure firstly you can afford the reading fee. Secondly, go into the reading with a sense of using this information in part to make decisions on your life. Never rely wholly on the reading as the reader could be slightly off that day, or may be misinterpreting the signs. YOU are the one who decides how accurate a reader is. My best advice, take what works for you and leave the rest behind. In this way will you have a fun, enjoyable reading.

I hope these tips give you a little insight when it comes to having a reading done. Many readers use various methods of divination using such tools as the Tarot, Runes, Palms or Stones whereas some simply do an intuitive reading. Don't make a judgement on the reading before hand if a different technique is used from what you've experienced in the past. I find the best readers use the tools they are expert at using.  I have had potential clients come into the store wanting a palm reading and leaving when they find we don't offer palm readings at Enchantments. That's a shame as they would have received a good reading, but with a different method from what they were used to.

The new year is an excellent time to get a reading done, to see what will be in store for you for the upcoming year. I hope you enjoy your reading!

Peace and Happiness

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