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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to bring Abundance into your New Year's

 Good Evening,

 New Year's is just around the corner and so is the opportunity for sympathetic magick that can make your upcoming year financially prosperous and abundant while bringing in fresh, new energies into your life.

For centuries mankind has had all sorts of 'superstitions' concerning the New Year.  I find that it is in common superstitions where the ancient folk kept their sympathetic magick. Sympathetic magick is magick that has a correlation to what is seen or done.  For instance if a witch hops about a field of wheat on a broomstick, the higher she hops would indicate the height of the wheat when it's ripe.

In the instance of New Year's Day, the first day of the year is said to 'set the tone' for the rest of the year. That what you do or don't do on that day can make a difference in your upcoming year and whether it is successful or not. So with that in mind here are a few suggestions for making your upcoming year a great success!

Have any and all salt shakers in the house filled to the top. Have an abundance of bread and grain products in the house. Bread and salt both being ancient forms of currency and both, by having them, reflect on one's wealth and prosperity.

 New Year's Day, or the day before are great days for giving the house, especially the kitchen, a thorough cleaning. Eliminating any clutter and trash is also ideal for this day. Throw or give away that which no longer serves you.  This allows for fresh, clean energies to sweep through your home and, as such, your life.

Smudging your home or business in the beginning of the New Year can also eliminate stagnant, stale energies. Smudging helps remove unwanted energies from the past year, allowing new, fresh and abundant energies to enter. Redecorating, reorganizing or even moving furniture around into new, pleasing arrangements aid in bringing in a fresh, new air.

Have fresh flowers in your house for New Year's Day and NEVER eat leftovers on New Year's Day!!! Have a meal cooked fresh to start off your year right!

 It's an ancient superstition that on New Year's Day the first person over the threshold of the home would step over the threshold with their right foot and not their left foot. This would assure that prosperity and good fortune came into the home all the coming year. These are just a few simple suggestions to help you start off your New Year on the right foot!

Peace and Happiness!

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