The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Can you make me a witch? . . . please?

  Good Evening,

I hope you are having a fun and exciting holiday season! I know it can be a bit hectic, frantic and crazy!!!! But just remember to think of all the blessings you have in your life and it will make it easier and less stressful. That's what I do!

Tonight I address a question that has been put to me many times. Can a witch make someone else a witch? Hmmmmm? Well, to answer this we must first travel back into ancient history and walk our ways back to the present time. Many things happened long ago that no longer apply today, and being 'made' a witch is one of them.

You see in ancient times, the legend goes that to be made a witch, either male or female, you needed to be made such by a witch, most notably a high priest or priestess and the doing so consisted of the following:

A female would be made a witch by taking part in a special ceremony or ritual where she would have sex with a high priest! The same applied for a male, but he would have sex with a high priestess! Oh my!!

TODAY .  .  .  THIS IS NO  LONGER THE CASE!  Seriously, nowadays it's a bit different, but let me continue our walk back from ancient times .  .  . 

Then, after several generations or centuries things changed and in recent history, including my own history, one could be 'made' a witch by another witch in a ceremony where they named you a witch and walked you along a path, proclaiming you as a witch to the watchtowers or elemental guardians. These elemental guardians are the spirits of the North, East, South and West, respectively.

Yet, today things are different. No one needs to proclaim you to be a witch. You only need to call yourself one for it to be so. Simply that. The reason I say this is because most who follow this path know themselves to be a witch long before they learn from another, most following a solitary practice.  Does solitary practice invalidate one's self claimed witchdom? Only those on a personal power trip would say so today. 

Yes, yes, I know I anger some by stating this, but I believe it to be so. There are those who would have the world of the witch be an elitist, "only certain people are entitled world", when nothing could be further from the truth. ANYONE can be a witch, they have only to want it to be so and to practice the 'wonders of witchery'.

AND NO!!!!! We NO LONGER require any sex, whatsoever to be performed in the circle. The circle is the ritual space where coveners (same meaning as congregants) come together to worship and share fellowship with one another.  Religious practice was very different in ancient times for ALL religions still around today, not just witch craft.  Note * Witch craft was practiced in religious ways long before Wicca was assigned as a religion in the early 1950's.  Witches came together, danced and worshiped in a circle and did things that today we see and understand as being part of Wicca, the 'religion of the witches' for a very long time now lost to history.  The legends and lore I speak of comes from this ancient of times. 

Today you are a witch if you deem it so.  I can't 'make' you a witch. I do however, after being asked by so many of my students past and present, to, in some way, proclaim them a witch, perform a ceremony at graduation from classes at Enchantments (classes are taken for a year and a day and then, if the student passes all tests, quizzes and exams given, they graduate) where I walk the student along a path and introduce them to the watchtowers as a witch and priestess or priest.  This does not give them clergy status, it simply reaffirms what they have already found to be so in their hearts and souls. That they are witches and work to serve the Goddess and the God.  Many find this to be as a graduation ceremony and we hold a feast afterwards to celebrate and socialize. 

So, to answer the question put forth at the beginning of this discussion, I can't make you a witch .  .  .  but I will recognize the witch within you and help you along your path of self discovery and study.

Peace and Happiness

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