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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, December 17, 2012

A tragedy that has touched us all . . .

Dear Magickal Reader,

Here in Southern New England, Connecticut, we are saddened and grieving for the precious souls lost this past Friday in Newtown, CT.  As a witch, it is a tragedy such as this that makes me feel as if a bit of the maagickal has been taken from our world.  And, in the lives lost, of the children and those who took responsibility for them, it has been.

A magickal truth is, with all the spells, blessings, magickal stones, herbs, potions and candles we use everyday to affect magickal change in our lives, there still remains the sobering fact that bad things happen to good people in our world.  But it is important to understand that the victims and families of this tragedy DID NOT do anything that made this event 'karma returned'.  I don't personally believe death to be karmic return.

So many of us are affected by this tragedy, even if we don't personally know any of the people involved. Yet, they are part of our community, part of the 'human community' so even if you find yourself half way across the world you may very well be affected by these terrible events.  A feeling of helplessness is common as there is, honestly, little we can do to affect change in these instances. But, there is something I do every year, at Yuletide, 'my personal holiday tradition' that I want to share with you, as it seems especially relevant this year, at this time.

Thank the first responders in your community.  It's simple to do, and it means so much. Not only to them, but I personally find it feeds my soul.  I started my personal holiday tradition several years ago, and I want to share it with you now.  Many years ago, we needed to call 911 and thankfully the first responders were at our door in a matter of a few minutes or so.  Every year since, on Christmas Eve, I spend an hour or so delivering plates of home made cookies to the first responders in my town. I bring a plate of cookies to each fire house, to the police department, one plate for the officers and one for the dispatch room, and also the emergency room at our local hospital and ambulance company.

I try to keep in mind, this time of year, when we are with our families, celebrating and enjoying good food and company, that the first responders are there for us.  Sleeping in their fire houses, patrolling our streets in their police cruisers, manning the phones in the police station, working in the emergency room, away from their families and friends and distant from all the festivities. Yet, they are steadfastly there, waiting and ready to respond, should we have an emergency regardless of the holiday, time of year, time of day or night. They are there for us.

It's a small thing that takes a few minutes of your time, the passing of a plate of cookies from your hand to another and a heartfelt thank you! This year, in light of recent horrible events, it seems even more important for me to continue my 'personal holiday tradition'.  I share it with you and hope that you might like to do something similar in your town. I know it makes me feel less helpless, and as I said earlier, it 'feeds my soul'.

I wish you a holiday of peace and happiness.

Ms. Faith

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