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Monday, October 1, 2012

Victim of a Crime? Empower yourself with Magick!

 Good Evening,

If you read my discussions regularly you know I tend to be optimistic, happy and a pretty upbeat witch, at least I try to be! But as my blog description states, I want to share with you all the witchy things that happen to me. Or the witchy ways I deal with the real world. Tonight's discussion is a bit more sobering but I am sharing as I hope it may help you should you ever find yourself the victim of a crime.

Just a few night's ago, my witch shop Enchantments was broken into by thieves.  They kicked in the door and busted the door frame out. They stole the money out of the cash register and fled into the night. Luckily the cats, who are barricaded upstairs, were not hurt and nothing was destroyed except the door frame.

It was a decidedly un-magickal moment for me.  I came into work the next morning with a girl that helps me in the shop and we found the evidence of the break-in. We did the typical thing, called the police, made a report ,cleaned up the mess and arranged for the door to be fixed that afternoon.  As anyone who has experienced a break-in could tell you, it leaves you in a funky, unnerved, and uncomfortable place. But that's where my magick comes in.

I had class that morning, as I teach Magickal Studies to adult students on Saturday mornings and this was Saturday morning.  So as we were planning on doing a ritual for the full moon, I modified the ritual from our typical full moon ritual and made it into a protection spell ritual. 

Let me share with you some of the things we added to our circle in case you wish to do a spell like this for yourself. By the way, a protection ritual can be done before any harm comes to you or your property. It most assuredly should be done after an event also. By doing this ritual it had a two-fold affect. One it sent out strong protection magick around Enchantments thus preventing any other attempted break-ins.

Two, it helped to balance and center me and those associated with us that morning, as everyone felt a bit violated that 'their' place had been so shabbily treated.  I cast a simple circle, you may cast one as you normally would.

Then I held hands with two female students (it is believed the most powerful force in the universe is three witches or women working together. I read this once and it has always resonated within me as truth) and we sent a blue sphere of protective energy out from our bodies that started in our throat chakras and flowed down our left arms, moving deosil around the circle and up our right arms, and when it was strong enough we pushed it out of our bodies and out around the Enchantments building.  I must give credit for this circle casting with blue energy to Ms. Janet Farrar and  Mr. Gavin Bone. They taught this method to me the last seminar they conducted at Enchantments and I personally find it to be very powerful and effective!

Normally this blue field of energy is pulled back in after the circle work is finished but we left it out there to do its job of keeping the harm away. Eventually it will dissipate as all energy will wane, but we will reinforce it and continue to keep the protective circle strong.

I spoke with the Goddess and asked her to protect Enchantments from further harm and to prevent further break-ins. 

I then lit a smudge stick and we smudged each other and then the ritual room of Enchantments then took the smudge outside. Starting in the North, we acknowledged each Guardian of each element and asked them specifically to aid us in protecting Enchantments. We walked deosil around the building, sticking to the perimeter, stopping at each compass point, speaking to the Guardians of that direction and moved around until we were back in the North again.

Then the store of Enchantments was very well smudged and a few windows were opened to allow the smudge to slowly dissipate.  We then went upstairs and concluded the ritual and ended the class for the day. I felt more balanced and less stressed afterwards.

That is what magick is really all about. Manifesting needed change in your life. Bad things sometimes do happen, that's Life, but a witch takes that situation and makes it an opportunity to magickally make a difference. That's what I did.

Magick can and will empower you. I don't like the term 'victim' because to me it sounds voluntary.  I may have experienced a break in and theft, but I'll be damned if I'll let it get me down and ruin my outlook on life. I love life and people and I believe most people are generally good at heart. I honestly hope the person that stole the money needed it for food and was able to eat that day and the next with the cash they stole.

But, with the spells cast around Enchantments and the future spells we will cast, I don't believe it will happen again.

And, I hope you never experience a crime, but if you do, I hope you find something magickal and practical in this discussion that you can use to help empower you!

Peace and Happiness

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