The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Witch's Hat ~ a bit of legend and lore

Good Evening,

Tonight we will discuss the witch's pointy hat and what it may mean. Many recognize the witch's hat with its wide brim and long pointed center. As a matter of fact the witch's hat is thought by some to be the most recognized head wear through out history. Everyone from the smallest child recognizes it and knows it to belong to the witch.

But has it always belonged to the witch? Many ancient cultures have examples of tall, pointed hats in their history with the 'princess hat' or 'hennin' being a popular ladies fashion accessory in the 15th century, which had no brim and at times tied under the chin to keep it secure.

There are many symbolic claims to the witches hat I have heard over the years, one being it is a representation of the male/female union. The brim represents the female genitalia and the pointed center the male member.  The two worn together in the traditional witch's hat bring together the male/female creative energy that creates all of creation.  You see this male/female combination repeated in many areas of witchcraft for instance our pentacle. The pentacle has the five pointed star representative of the male surrounded by a circle, the female energy. Even the practical mortar and pestle has a male/female designation with the mortar (the bowl being female, the vessel) and the pestle (the grinder) being male.

Ancient Roman Priests wore conical hats in ritual and ceremony, and some anthropologists speak of cave paintings that seem to depict pointed hats or perhaps horns worn by ancient cave dwellers.  In ancient times it was the sign of intelligence and wisdom and in more modern times the pointed brimless hat was worn and seen as a dunce cap by unruly children in early 20th century schools. 

Few witches today wear the witches hat except around Samhain, Halloween. I personally love the witches hat and like wearing it along with my cloak in the fall time.  I will admit to getting unusual stares and the occasional whisper of 'witch' as I walk by, but I am. A witch that is. I like wearing traditional witches garb and with owning my own witch shop I can often get away with it!

Not everyone is comfortable dressing year round as a witch, but now is the season you can dress witchy and enjoy it. For .  .  .  'tis the season  .  .  .  of the witch!

Peace and Happiness 

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