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Thursday, September 13, 2012

You Can Speak With The Dead By Using a Pendulum

Good Evening,

You may have used a pendulum to ask questions and perhaps to divine your future, but I find the pendulum to be less accurate than say the tarot or witches runes for simple divination. But I have found, over the last few years, the pendulum to be a very useful tool in communicating with loved ones who have passed over, using it to do the work of the medium. One who speaks with the dead. I am able to do this, though I don't advertise myself as a medium. There are times when I'm doing someone's tarot cards when I start to hear things or visualize images that are meant for them. I use a pendulum to control the thoughts and images, so I may best relay them to the client.

If you wish to use the pendulum in this manner first you need to find one you like. It does not have to be made of a certain material, or look a certain way, you just need to enjoy the look and feel of it.

After you have found the right pendulum for you, then you need to 'program' it. There are many publications and websites out there that tell you to have the pendulum itself show you what a yes or no looks like, by asking it and watching the way it swings. I disagree with this. YOU are the one using the tool, so you should be the one programming it and telling it what a yes will look like and so forth for a negative response.

Too many times I've seen the magickal practitioner give away the power to the tools, supplies, ingredients and energies they are using. You control the power, you are the practitioner. Therefore you are the one running the show.

Hold the pendulum at the end of its string or chain between your thumb and forefinger. Then using deliberate hand movement (really move your hand) cause the pendulum to swing in a circle and strongly say "this is a yes" and let it swing for a few moments. Then stop the pendulum's movement and start it swinging back and forth in a line and say strongly "this is a no". Allow it to continue for a few moments. Then stop the movement and now it is programmed to answer you when you wish to use it.

To speak with those loved ones who have passed on, sit quietly for a few moments and picture them in your mind's eye. When you think of them, they come to you. The cannot NOT come. Love is the connection that will always keep you together.

Think of them, see them in your mind's eye and verbally, out loud, ask them to "please come and speak with me" It is recommended that you use their name, as full and complete a name as they had in life. Given name, maiden, married, confirmation the entire name. No matter if you only know a first and last name, but visualize them as clearly as you can.

Hold the pendulum as before, but try to keep your hand as still as possible. Note, that you are a tool through which the spirit will speak, so if you feel slight movement in your hand, do not try to stop it. There are tiny, micro muscle movements that will assist the pendulum in movement, and the spirit uses these to help answer your question. That is why we don't hand a pendulum from a hook on the wall and ask spirit to speak to us through it. The spirit uses our body and our hand and the muscles within, so there will be slight movement on your part but go with it, don't try to fight it.

Ask questions of the spirit you are communicating with that can be answered with a yes or a no. After the question is answered, and you must ask the question aloud, stop the pendulum's movement for the next question. Be careful if you do this with other people in the room, as side conversations and comments can be what the spirit decides to answer. Complete silence after a question is asked is best. Also asking the question and keeping your mind blank of the next question is also helpful.

Be patient and wait for the pendulum to start moving. At times, when I work with spirits, I can feel a strong tug on the pendulum's chain as it starts to swing and at times the swinging movement becomes very strong, and I know the spirit is working with me to answer the questions.

Play with the pendulum, but don't treat it as a toy. Asking questions you already know the answer to i.e. am I a girl? Will just insult the spirit and I've seen cases where the pendulum ceases to work for the practitioner. Respect the tool, the spirit and the process and it will work wonderfully for you.

As we creep closer to Samhain (Halloween) it is said the veil between the worlds grows thinnest, and that this is the perfect time of the year to speak with those whom we love and have lost. Write down the messages you get from beyond and also pay attention to thoughts, images, smells and words or sounds that just pop into your head while this process is going on. This is medium work and spirits will attempt to communicate with you in many ways. Don't discard any of them, they are all messages meant for you.

Peace and Happiness

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