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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walk the Labyrinth during our Mabon Celebraton!

Good Morning!,

I am celebrating our Mabon (Autumnal Equinox) Sabbat next Saturday, September 22 at 6 pm. I would like to invite you to attend. In addition to the ritual and Sabbat feast we will be walking the Labyrinth.

We will construct a Labyrinth in the parking lot of Enchantments and we can use help! If you have the time and inclination to assist us please come by the shop at 4:30 pm. We line a traced outline of a labyrinth with small terracotta cups each with a tea light inside. We light the tea lights and when it gets dark we walk the path of the labyrinth which brings us to an altar set up in the center.

Why do we walk the Labyrinth? Good question! The labyrinth is a patterned layout that can be made from stones, hedges, walls etc and have bee constructed for thousands of years. Some may remember the Labyrinth that Theseus walked to get to the center where he could slay the Minotaur in the ancient Greek fables.

Many feel that walking the Labyrinth can aid one in unraveling problems in ones life. Walking the path only to encounter a barrier and being forced to go in another direction can be metaphoric when it comes to issues, problems and complications in life. It is felt that by walking the Labyrinth one can tap into deeper levels of understanding. Carl Jung felt that in Jungian psychology the labyrinth is one of the most powerful symbols of the subconscious. In his book ‘Man and His Symbols’, he explains its meaning:

“The maze of strange passages, chambers, and unlocked exits in the cellar recalls the old Egyptian representation of the underworld, which is a well-known symbol of the unconscious with its abilities. It also shows how one is “open” to other influences in one’s unconscious shadow side and how uncanny and alien elements can break in.”

We start walking the Labyrinth by taking a piece of specialized paper, either water or fire paper, and writing a word or concept upon it. The person then starts by entering the passage way and slowly starts to travel the path, eventually getting to the center. once at the center they destroy the paper by either putting the water paper (made of cornstarch) in a bowl of water and dissolving it or the fire paper (flash paper) touched to the flame of the candle on the altar and allowing it to flare up and disintegrate.

Then the person gives thanks to their higher power, and starts to travel back along the path to the entrance.

Over the next few days and weeks following the Labyrinth walk I have talked with people who have had remarkable circumstances happen. Some have dreams, some have their problems resolutions appear clearly before them, some have felt more at peace and are more calm and relaxed. Some claim anxiety and inner stress is reduced or in some cases goes away completely. Some just enjoy the quiet walking time which in itself is a physical meditation.

If you are interested in coming to the Sabbat celebration we are starting the ritual sat 6 pm, and the feast starts right afterwards. We will be serving pork roast, sauerkraut with apples and we can use some side dishes to go along with the main dish. We can use dessert, bread and drink. Please contact me at Enchantments at 860-791-6033 to let me know what you will bring, so we don't have too many of one item.

I would love to see you there!

Peace and Happiness

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