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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rest In Peace Beautiful Kitty . . .

Good Evening,

Tonight I write this discussion more for me as writing helps me balance my energies and emotions, at least with situations like I encountered today. Let me start, as is always a good place, at the beginning.

I was driving down the road to get my morning coffee before work today, and saw on the side of the road a beautiful cat that had been hit by a car. I didn't think, but immediately pulled over to see if it was still alive and perhaps in need of a vet. What a beautiful cat it was too. A large, very clean, white cat with a few orange spots and the most beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately it was already gone. My heart sank as I stroked this poor animal. I could feel the stiffness settling in its body, even though it was still warm.

At first I lifted it off the road and tried to place it on the side where it wouldn't be run over time and again by drivers un-aware, but the grass was tall on the side of the road and I feared it wouldn't be found by its owners, or that the coyotes that come around this time of year would find it first. I couldn't leave the poor thing, so I placed it's body gently in the back of my truck.

I went to work at Enchantments and proceeded to try to bury the body. Easier said than done! The outer perimeter of Enchantments property is populated with Elm trees and their roots make digging in the dirt more than an inch or so impossible. I was troubled as I couldn't imagine disposing of the body in a way other than a proper burial and then it struck me, I could bury the beautiful cat in my garden.

It was still long and arduous digging with a large shovel and a crow bar to soften the soil, but after an hour or so I had opened up a large enough hole to provide a respectable grave for the cat. I then went into Enchantments and gathered some ingredients. A clean white bag, fennel seeds and a cauldron with charcoal and incense,and then I went back outside. I wrapped the body with the bag and gently placed it into the grave making sure it was face up. I blessed and consecrated the fennel seeds and then sprinkled them over the body. I asked the Goddess to lead this beautiful animals spirit to the Summerland (our Pagan Heaven) and allow it to run and hunt and frolic in the sunshine and fields chasing mice and rabbits and birds all the rest of its days. I swung the cauldron over the body, censing it with incense and made the sign of the pentagram which is a protective divine symbol and thanked the Goddess for her help. Then I cried tears for this poor, beautiful animal and wished it had had a different end, but I knew in my heart that it was as it was meant to be.

I then covered the body with soil and firmed it down. I had made sure the hole was deep enough to prevent animals from coming around to dig it up, though I will be keeping a close eye on it over the next several weeks.

My heart goes out to the owners of this beautiful animal and as it did not have a collar or identification I have no way to contact the owners to let them know their precious cat is now at peace.

It is a sad day for me, as is any day I lay to rest a beautiful animal but I am glad in a way that I was there to do so, as I feel someone needed to do this work today for this precious kitty.

Thank you for letting me tell you this tale and thank you for reading this story. Now I am gong to go sit under the large, old maple tree in the gardens of Enchantments and relax.

I hope you find the magick in this day!

Peace and Happiness

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  1. Thank you for a touching story. A garden is frequently the best spot for a grave. It is usually predug and as the physical vessel decomposes, the nutrients are absorbed by nearby plant life. This, in effect, gives rise to a form of eternal life. ...A comforting perception. ...Condolences.

  2. Hi Ms. Faith, Thank you for sharing that beautiful story of kindness and love. As you know I lost my loving Romeo a few weeks ago but we are comforted by the fact we were with him until the end. I can't imagine what it would be like not knowing what happen. I do know that your act of kindness and love is greatly appreciated by every animal lover in the world. Thank you for showing compassion and providing a dignify place to rest to that little guy. Hugs, Maggie