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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Beautiful Summer's Day and More Magickal Stones!

Good Evening,

Today is such a glorious Summer's day! This entire Summer has been wonderful, in this witch's estimation, that is. Hot, long, wet and just wonderful. I might need to note that I'm not terribly crazy about Winter, though it is a season we all must live through and respect here in Southern New England.

Yes, it has rained a lot this Summer season, but that just saves us from having to water the garden manually as well as saving water reserves. Another plus!! Well, onto tonight's magickal discussion!

Just last weekend I went to a Lapidary show (rocks, minerals and tumbled stones) and purchased some very nice pieces for Enchantments. I wanted to tell you about some of the magickal stones I gathered and their magickal energies that you can utilize for your own benefit.

Red Calcite

The first favorite of mine is red calcite. Red calcite is a stone used to energize the body and spirit and to help de-toxify the body. It increases stability and courage within. It is a stone that helps with fear and carrying red calcite helps one beset by fear to gently release it. It eases the fight or flight rush of fear that will at times course through the body, and can be utilized to great benefit by those who do 'battle' in their day to day lives.

It will attract love to the wearer. It is an overall beneficial stone for a healthy sex life and will increase one's sensuality. In the area of detoxifying, it is greatly useful for those trying to rid their bodies of toxins from the over use of alcohol and food poisonings. It is associated with the root chakra and aids in all areas of physical health.

Lapis Lazuli

I love Lapis Lazuli. A stone once revered by the ancient Egyptians, it is a beautiful blue stone shot through with gold pyrite. Lapis when viewed in direct sunlight is brilliant and sparkling, whereas in candlelight or artificial lighting it becomes dull and lifeless. As an amulet is is used for increasing happiness in love, sex and passion. It brings about a sincerity of the spirit, increases interest in new pursuits and strengthens friendships and relationships. Use lapis to help rid the spirit of bad memories and past pain and distress.

To bring about a peace to the soul energy take a piece of Lapis and place on the third eye, the middle of forehead between brows and lay down and become still for several minutes. Think peaceful and happy thoughts and do this every other day or so to bring about a release of painful energies from the past.

In addition to tumbled Lapis I was able to get some incredibly beautiful flat Lapis Lazuli pendants that make a tremendous fashion statement as well as being beneficial from their magickal properties that come from wearing such a special stone. The picture above is an example of the pendants.

These are just two of the special magickal stones I have recently bought for Enchantments as well as many others. if you love stones and minerals or wish to start using some in your life, please stop by and browse through our large and varied stone wall display. We are proud to carry one of the largest collections of magickal stones and minerals in the state, and all come with a paper detailing the magickal properties of each stone so you can use it magickally in your life.

I am also happy to bag each stone separately with its paper tag so you can keep every stone organized and remember what each one was when you get home!

I look forward to seeing you at Enchantments soon! Have a beautiful rest of your week!!

Peace and Happiness

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