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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What a wonderful birthday week!

Good Evening,

This week was my birthday and I had a very magickal one! I was fortunate enough to have both Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone at my shop, Enchantments, for the weekend where they conducted tarot readings, of which I had one and healings, also got one of those. Someone mentioned it was like having a witches spa day, hahahaha, and I agree. They also ran a two day Cosmology workshop that was well attended.

Janet read my tarot cards and I'm excited as the next year will be a prosperous one for Enchantments and Gavin did a healing for me, which worked absolute wonders on a hyper-extended knee I was suffering from. All the pain and swelling is gone, and it left a mere few hours after the healing. It is as good as new!

Then the Cosmology workshop dealing with Chakras, pathworking, the inner soul and the shadow self was just tremendous! I actually closed the store early so I wouldn't miss any of this amazing workshop and I'm glad I did. Sometimes you have to go with what is best for you and I apologize to those who came to the shop and found us closed, but an opportunity like this doesn't happen everyday!

I had a wonderful birthday party with close friends and family, that consisted of an old fashioned New England Lobster/Clam bake and we had a wonderful troupe of fire dancers for entertainment. They were truly spectacular and everyone had a great time. Talk about a pagan event, the fire dancers brought the element of fire up close and personal.

Then I had a quiet day of rest and the next day, for my actual birthday . . . I did say I celebrated my birthday week!. . . I spent the day with my best friend, and a lovely day we had!

Now, for a little birthday magickal lore, let me share with you, that when you're blowing out your candles on your birthday cake, that you are performing one of the oldest candle spells known to man. This dates back over 2,000 years ago to the temple of Artemis in ancient Greece. People would bring little crescent moon shaped cakes to the temple and arrange candles around them. They would wish for something special and then blow out the candles, knowing the Goddess Artemis would grant them their wish. When you blow out your candles, know that Artemis is listening and may possibly choose to grant you your wish!

There was so much magick, happiness and joy in this birthday this year, I am truly blessed and grateful for all the wonderful people I find in my life. Have a magickal day!

Peace and Happiness!

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