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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working hard in the gardens of Enchantments! Some magickal tips for your gardening projects!

Good Evening,

I have spent the last week or so working and loving every minute of it, in the gardens of Enchantments! While doing so, I often employ little magickal tips and tricks which seem to make my garden grow better and bloom brighter. I want to share those tips with you tonight.

Ask for Blessings:

When working out in the garden start your work by asking the Goddess to bless your work for the day. To make your garden healthy, vibrant and lush. There's no ritual needed, just an honest request that She bless your work. I often say something like "Lovely Lady, bless the work I will do today. Make my gardens vibrant and gay, healthy and strong, all the summer long. I thank you for your blessings"

Burn a green candle:

While working in the garden, having a glass container within which you have a green candle burning is also quite helpful. I like to burn a votive candle which can have up to 15 hours of burn time. As I move about the garden, I move the little candle and its flame keeps me focused on the job at hand. I always keep it in a small clear glass container so an errant breeze doesn't put it out.

The Breath of Life:

When planting or transplanting seedlings, new plants, trees or shrubs in your garden
be sure to hold the root ball up to your mouth and gently blow your breath onto the roots. This is an ancient technique that 'gives life' to the plant and encourages it to grow and become strong. You may have to bend down if its a tree or shrub, but just a gentle breath is all that is needed. While doing this envision a stream of bright white energy flowing from your body, along your breath to enter the plant.

White Light Energy:

In addition to the breath blown onto the root system of the plant, holding the plant in your hands or, if its a large specimen, placing your hands on the plant, root system or stem (it matters not) and envisioning the entire plant glowing a bright, vibrant white will also help it grow and become strong. Closing your eyes and imagine the plant pulsating with vibrant, bright white energy. Imagine the energy flowing all along the structure of the plant, from the root system, up the stalk or trunk, through the branches and into the leaves or petals.

Protective Pentacle:

After planting the plant in the ground following proper planting and gardening techniques for the specimen at hand, place your palm (your dominant hand) onto the surface of the ground and feel your energy combine and intermingle with the energy of the plants roots, underground. Just give the surface of the soil a firm pat and then take your index finger and inscribe in the air in front of the plant an invoking pentacle. That's a five pointed star surrounded by a circle. Start at the top of the star, move your finger down to the right lower foot of the star, up to the left arm of the star, across to the right arm, back down to the left foot and back up to the top. Then going in a clockwise direction move your finger in a circle surrounding the star you just inscribed ending back at the top again. That's it. The plant has been blessed and protected.

These are just a few tips and witchy tricks to make you a greener witch than you were before! Now I have posted some pictures of the work I have done this past week at Enchantments. I hope you enjoy them.

Peace and Happiness

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