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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One way to think like a witch, practice mindfulness

Good Evening,

I've been working on various objectives in my life, as I'm always trying to improve, make myself a happier, more fulfilled witch and I've come across a concept that is commonly called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the concept of focusing totally on something rather than multi-tasking, which allows one to semi focus on many things at once. Multi-tasking allows one to half halfheartedly do a number of projects, but many times they just get done adequately rather to the best of the person's ability. Mindfulness is total focus, being present and aware during every aspect of a project or task. I have practiced total focus in my magickal practice for years, such as spell casting and have taught the concept to my students as I feel effective spell casting and magickal manifestation requires an intense focus and total concentration.

Now, I'm just allowing it to flow into my day to day life and its changing my life in a positive way. Even simple things like watching television or a movie. I used to, as many do, watch television while working on my laptop computer and while on my laptop I'd be immersed in several different projects, and each would get some attention, but not my all. At the end of the day I would find myself tired, but stressed and without that feeling of accomplishment I used to find before modern technology made it easy to do a bunch of things at once. So, I have slowed down. I will watch a television show without turning on my computer, I even pay attention to the commercials. I will watch a movie from beginning to end and be able to recall what it was about! I eat dinner without reading a magazine article or watching t.v. and find I can appreciate my food and dinner company better.

I spend time with my cats just playing with them, not doing anything else. I have also put into my day to day life time to sit under the old maple tree in front of Enchantments and just gaze at the gardens, enjoying the view and feeling at peace with nature. Mindfulness. Being aware in the moment of the moment.

It's a lovely practice that you might like to try, it has started to change my life in many positive ways and continues to do so. A concept that is a must in magickl manifestation, that I find is manifesting needed change in my day to day witchy life.

Peace and Happiness

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