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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do you think you have bad luck?

Good Evening,

In my capacity of running a witch shop I encounter all sorts of interesting people and all sorts of issues that can be solved magickally. One I run into often is people that feel they have 'bad luck'. Simply that, bad, awful luck. Everything goes wrong for them, nothing turns out as they desire, and they attribute it to bad luck or energies that surround them.

Well . . . I see this problem in another light. I truly believe that we create our reality. Let me state that again. Our world, that we are surrounded by, our friends, family, job, the good times, the crappy times, we create them all! We may not want to recognize this, or take responsibility (especially for the crappy stuff) but its true. We create our reality. So if we have bad luck, we need to look to ourselves to help change that.

I believe very much in visualization. We visualize all the time. What we're going to wear tomorrow, what we'll have for dinner tonight, how much fun we'll have at that party we're going to etc. When it comes to luck and how it manifests in our lives, we can get into a habit of remembering and visualizing all the crappy stuff that we've experienced. Or the last few crappy things. If we do that, then we will draw to us more unwanted crappy stuff.

I guarantee everyone that says they have bad luck, that by speaking with you for a few minutes that I can prove to you that you have just as much, if not more good luck! Did you drive to work today and back home tonight? Did you do it without an accident? Good luck!! Have you been feeling O.K., no colds or flu for the past few weeks or months? Good luck!! Do you have friends in your life you love and enjoy being with? Good luck! Now, now some of you may say "Hey, those things just are, they're not necessarily good luck." I'll respond, "Aren't they?" To a person who has an accident everyday they travel by car, gets a cold and flu every month or has no friends or loved ones at all in their lives, they would differ!

You see in our media crazed, drama fed society we are given a regular diet of 'bad' stuff. From the nightly news, to tabloid television and print media, to the gossip around the water cooler at work everyday, we thrive on situations and experiences that aren't good. So, it makes sense (to this witch at least) that we'll focus heavily on the negative and we tend to lightly dismiss the positive. So, we think we have bad luck. Well, say you do, have bad luck that is. I can teach you to "think like a witch" and help you change that. Here's how:

Candles and Stones

First gather the following supplies: Candles (any color will do, but white or purple are good choices for general bad luck. Green for financial bad luck, red for love, blue for emotional issues, green again for physical.

Some stones that are known to promote general good luck and help repel negative energies such as: Tiger's Eye, Turquoise, Chrysoprase, Jet, Sardonyx, and Amber to name a few. You don't need all of them, just a few of one or two of them.

Gather your stones and hold in your hands for a few minutes and with your eyes closed feel them pulsating and glowing with bright white energy. Ask the Goddess to bring into your life the ability to see the positive, appreciate the wonders and love and light in your life. Do this also with the candle. Then take the stones and place closely around your candle. Light your candle and visualize yourself happy, strong and empowered with everything going right in your life. Keep this visualization strong in your mind's eye and feel the flow of magickal energy flowing from the candle flame into the stones and watch them glow under the flickering light. After the candle has burnt out take the stones and place them in a pouch and carry the pouch with you. Touch and hold the pouch, or even take the stones out occasionally and hold while visualizing your image of yourself.

Do this, hold your stones at least once a day after burning the candle and you will find the 'bad luck' you've been having fade away to be replaced by all the wonders in your special life.

Peace and Happiness

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