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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Birds and their magickal messages for you

Good Evening,

Do you often notice birds when you find yourself outdoors? Many birds are brighter and more spectacular in the winter months with a monochrome background to cause their colors to stand out. I also like birds in the summertime, as I can get closer to viewing them and enjoying their antics in the warm weather. But did you know that birds have a message for you when you see them? A magickal message that can aid you in your daily workings.

The following are just a few messages the birds found in Southern New England hold for us:

The Bluebird: Happiness We've all heard the phrase the "Bluebird of Happiness" well, when you see a bluebird be reminded of the happiness to be found in your life rather than always focusing on the challenges and difficulties.

Cardinal: Transformation As the cardinal flashes amongst the trees flashing bright red and then seeming to disappear amongst the foliage we can use the lesson of transformation to make needed change to our lives by putting aside old, tired concepts that just seem to weigh us down and embracing untried, attractive behaviors that can make us interact with the world in new and exciting ways.

Chickadee: Childishness But in a good way! We at times can get very serious and 'mature' in our outlook on life and this is not always a good thing. The chickadee reminds us that there is a child inside of all of us that needs time to come out and play and explore the world, living and loving and having fun!

Crow: Karma The crow reminds us of karma and with the return of karmic feedback that justice will be served, the scales balanced and needed change will happen. When you see a crow be aware that the circumstances you find yourself in are of your own creation, as we create our reality and if we do not like our present circumstances we can choose to change them.

Hawk: Information you need is coming to you. The hawk is a messenger and its important to be aware and be observant of messages that may be meant for you. The hawk will deliver these messages and you need to be able to see them clearly to use them in your daily life. The druid's called them omens and I believe our lives are filled with omens detailing things yet to occur.

Hummingbird: Spirit The hummingbird brings a higher level of spiritual energy to your world. Seeing a hummingbird is a rare and beautiful gift that may be manifest for just a few seconds but can remain with you all day. When you see a hummingbird know that Goddess/God is close.

Turkey: Gift The turkey shows a level of compassion and generosity that we can all benefit from. When you see a turkey think of how you may give of yourself to others and how you may help another with your compassion, understanding and loving nature.

Pigeons and Seagulls: Both of these birds I feel have the magickal message of community and being with mike minded people. When you see thee birds think about how you react within your community. Are you surrounded with like minded people? If not, how can you go about bringing more like minded people into your life.

These are just a few birds that may cross your path and the lessons they have to share with you.

As an additional note, tonight's discussion marks the 200th discussion I have had with you to this date. I sincerely appreciate your taking time from your precious day to read my work and I can only say that it is very rewarding and fulfilling for me to share with you. I thank you so very much for your time. Have a blessed evening!

Peace and Happiness


Bird Signs Guidance & wisdom from our feathered friends by G.G. Carbone
Animal Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson
Animal Speak by Ted Andrews

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