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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to do in case of a power outage! For the magickally inclined that is . . .

 Good Evening,

Well here in Southern New England we are battening down the hatches and hunkerin' down for a real Nor'Easter called Irene. A hurricane that is threatening all sorts of terrible things and power outages are one.  What to do in case of a power outage? No need to be bored or depressed.  Yes, without electrical power our lives are changed a bit. But think about this. We've had power for a mere 100 years or so about now. Mankind has been around for over a million and civilized for tens of thousands of years. All without electrical power. 

Yes, life was different back then and mankind existed, laughed, loved and lived happy and fulfilling lives.  One thing to do if you're a magickally inclined person is firstly, burn candles! For centuries candles have been the only source of illumination after dark. Also torches were commonly used to light up larger areas, which are like large poles with a burning mass at the end. Lighting was as necessary in ancient times as it is now to see by and read by after dark.  There were different activities to occupy the little free time ancient man found in his day or evening. Different from what is normally done today for relaxation and fun. Or are we so different?

For instance ancient man may have read a 'good' book by the light of tallow candles, rush light or fire light.  As for many years the bible was the only commonly printed and available reading material, and many homes would not be found without one,  it offered much to occupy one's time. Today I recommend reading something that is interesting and stress relieveing. For me it's classic Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

In ancient times, chopping ice and keeping it packed wth sawdust helped keep food cold as meats and other foodstuffs were even more perishable than many foods today. To keep food cold today, and have drinking water on hand, freeze several spring water bottles then use them in the compartments of your refrigerator or in ice chests. We also filled zip lock baggies and these can be laid between foods to keep them chiled to a safe temperature.

Bored? Have a ritual and cast some spells! The energy of a storm lends itself nicely to a ritual and can pump up your spell!  Here's a spell to cast for when you've lost power and wish to aid the situation at hand in a harmless beneficial way.  The object of this spell is not specifically to get power turned back on quickly, but more that it comes on in a timely manner and that no one gets injured or worse during the repairs it will take to get the power back on.  So if the power does not come back during or directly after you cast your spell, it does not mean your spell didn't work. You've added your energy and blessings to the universe and the repair efforts for your community struck dark by the storm. And indeed your power may come back quicker and safer with a little help from you.

Power On Spell  (all spells are written and crafted by me for you)  Any colored candle can be used for this spell.

With all lights off, and this spell can be done to aid others suffering power shortages, even if you still have power. Just turn off all lights in room and illuminate entirely with candles. Enough to see your magickal workings by.

Then take a candle and sit comfortably and take a toothpick or small knife and inscribe into your candle the words 'lights on' 'power on' 'an it harm none'  Write small enough to be able to include all the words. If you use a spell sized candle, or chime candle, you will have enough space. Votives are also good for this spell.

While carving your candle, visualize an overhead view of a large city darkened and the sky turning the deep blue that it turns right before dark falls.  'See' the darkened city start to light up with a section at a time 'turning on' and then see the entire city glowing with bright white light.

Outloud petition the Goddess with the following incantation as you ready to light the candle.

'Lovely Lady whose light is shone by the moon,
 bring back our power, our light very soon.
As this candle burns by its light
may our power be returned burning bright.'

As you recite this, touch flame to candle wick and as you watch the flame grow, see again your visualization of the city burning brightly.  Allow candle to burn completely down, which means if its a votive that it should be supervised for its entire burn. Never leave candles burning unattended, this is especially true during a storm or power outage when more people unaccustomed to burnig candles may become forgetful and leave candles burning unsupervised. Stay Safe for Goddess's Sake! Keep the visualizing up every so often, maybe every hour for a few moments to keep your spell strong.

If you don't have candles home, then for next time re-stock at your local witch shop and help the local economy grow stronger. 

Other things to do? How about some board games? I like to color in some coloring books I have. I have one coloring book of garden herbs and fowers. A more adult coloring book (yes they have adult coloring books!) and it's a fun, creative way to spend some time. 

Whatever you do, have a safe, happy day living for just a few moments,  more like our ancestors did than we normally ever do. Think a bit about what life would be like without electrical power. Find the magick in the moment.  All Hail Irene! A powerful storm Goddess, no doubt!

Peace and Happiness

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