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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Magick, Earthquakes! & Magick from the Old World

 Good Evening,

Birthday Magicks
Tonight we'll touch on a few interesting and magickal concepts. Firstly I want to briefly revisit a discussion I had with you on February 22, 2011 called 'Happy Birthday! Birthday Magicks, Legends and Lore'.  The reason? My birthday is in a few days, on the 28th to be exact and I've been thinking about the magickal workings I can do for me, on my birthday. 

One fun thing to do is make a list of what you would like in the upcoming year. No, this is not the time to ask for world peace or happiness for all. Though lovely sentiments, this list is for the material, practical or fun things you want for you. Material? What?! Yes, its O.K. to ask for material things. Come on, really, where would we be without material things? Naked and homeless!

The Goddess has given us everything on this earth, literally everything. It's perfectly fine to ask for things for you. In fact, it's necessary, for how will you ever be able to give to others if you yourself are bereft?

So, on the first full moon after your birthday, for example my birthday is this Sunday the 28th, so the first full moon after falls on September 12, I will write a list of things I would like in the upcoming year. Then dedicate the list under the full moon and then keep the list somewhere safe, don't destroy it.  You can look at it throughout the year or not, as you choose. The magick works that by the next year's birthday these things will come to you.
Earthquakes and other 'natural disasters'? 

Now onto Earthquakes!  We just experienced an earthquake on the East Coast today at 2 pm EST.  We often (humans that is) refer to earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes as natural disasters. They really aren't you know. Yes, they can be disastrous to humans and our lives, but they are simply nature. No, God is not mad at us, punishing us or any such nonsense.  The are simply nature doing her thing!  We have a hurricane coming up the coast this week and it should be here by the weekend, some cool energy to tap into if you'd like.

Collecting rain water from a storm or hurricane is ideal as the water will have a high level of natural energy within it that can be used as ritual water and in spell work.  I once came across a tree that had been hit by lightening in the woods. The side of the tree was split open and I could see the path of the lightening as it went down the trunk of the tree and through the roots which were exposed from the dirt and one root in particular was laying on the ground split from the rest of the tree from the force of the lightening strike. I gathered that root, a cedar tree root, and have it to this day. It's a highly charged natural wand of mine.

Old World Magicks

I was working in the yard of Enchantments this week and while I was sweeping the front sidewalk, and along the curb (well,doesn't everyone?!) I started to think of some magickal practices I've heard of concerning shop keepers in the old country. In this case Italy. You see, in times past, they never sweep the front steps or doorways of the shops in the mornings and they never sweep from the door to the street. They will sweep from the street to the doorway or across the door. This way they don't 'sweep' away potential customers!

I burn green candles, incense created especially to bring customers into the business, and sprinkle glitter on the sidewalk. I never sweep away from the store but always to or across. Many would call these superstitions, but I firmly believe that the superstitions we have in this country today really are the repository of old world magicks kept alive by tradition.

Peace and Happiness!

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