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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, August 5, 2011

New at Enchantments - Candles!

 Good Evening,

I love candles! Candle magick is one of my favorite methods of spell casting. My life is happier and healthier, empowered and successful and I credit much of it to effective spell casting due to candle magick. Now the  candle magick doesn't do the hard work for you, but the energies work in your favor to create the needed change and manifestation you desire.

Let me explain a bit.  Everything, according to the quantum physicist is made up of vibrations. Everything. You, me, candles, colors even. Why even a rock is vibrating, although at extremely low frequencies.  I call this vibrational energy.  Working magick is working in this realm of vibrational energy. Some energy syncs up with us and our vibrational level and some energy doesn't.  Ever wonder why it is that some people you just met you automatically like? And some you automatically dislike! Even though they all may be very nice people, some you gravitate towards and some you are repelled from. Why? Your vibrational level can be close to and 'sync up' with others and it seems like you've always been friends whereas others your vibrational level is on a different level with theirs and an instant dislike or disinterest develops.

We even have many phrases in our vernacular today that indicates when two people are on the same vibrational level. They are considered 'in sync', on 'the same page', 'simpatico', 'two bugs in a rug', they're like 'peas in a pod', 'soul mates', just to name a few.  Well take this concept of vibrational energy and apply it to colors and the burning of candles. The color red is thought to attract certain 'magickal properties' to the person using the color. It is known to increase physical energy, attract loving and passionate, romantic energies. It is thought to instill energies of courage, strength and it can be used in combination with candles, of which the burning process puts off energy of a stronger vibrational level.  Combining a red candle, burned on a Friday (which is the day of the week attributed to the Goddess of Love, passion, lust and desire) makes a simple, nifty love spell. 

In addition to colors and candles, herbs, oils, music, incense burned all work on the 'vibrational' level. By using these ingredients properly you can entice certain energies to surround you. Now of course .  .  .  it's important to know that once the energies are around you and circumstances are tweaked in your favor that it's necessary at times to take physical action for you magick to manifest.  For instance take a situation where you wish to ask your boss for a raise. You have done the work, you deserve the raise but you are really concerned that the request will be turned down.  By burning a green candle, carved with magickal symbols, annointed with a mixture of basil, olive and corn oil and rolled in crushed chamomile and burned on a Thursday during the new moon can cause the energies to be more favorable to you.  Now after you burn the candle, you must physically go to and speak with your boss and voice your request! Waiting for your boss to take it upon himself to award you with a raise which may indeed be the result of your spell, but don't wait for that to happen.  You need to do the physical actions that are necessary.

If you burn a red candle on a Friday, carved with hearts and the X rune Gifu, annointed with rose oil, and rolled in sugar (to sweeten your chances of finding a lover) be prepared to go out of the house to actually meet someone!  The Goddess will give you all the help she can, but this is our life, we are the director of the play which is our life. We will get from this life what we take and what we make of it.  Burn a candle, ask the Gods to help you in the areas you need help, and make magick happen. 

Enchantments has just redesigned the sales floor and we have installed a large candle display that offers many varieties of hand dipped tapers, votives, spell candles and every color and many fragrances you could desire for your magickal needs.

Here are some photos of the new display, but I hope you come by in person to check it out! 

Peace and Happiness

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