The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More about the spell I cast last night!

 Good Evening,

Wow, you came back! After the previous discussion concerning planetary hours? Well, good for you! Yes, I know working with planetary hours can be a bit . . . um . . . complex . . . if you will.  But tonight, I will talk a bit more about the spell, and we will put the planetary hours aside, except for the fact we cast the spell during the tenth hour, the rest of the spell I think may be interesting to you. This is what I did.

First I gathered 4 green spell candles and 2 each of silver and gold.  I washed my hands well, and used a brush to clean my nails as I like clean hands always, but especially when I'm about to conduct and work some magick. I made sure the area I would work in was tidy and not cluttered and televisions, radios and cell phones are turned off.

Then I took each green candle and used a finger nail as I have long nails and carved words into each candle. You may use a boline, a toothpick, but using my nails adds another personal magickal layer to my spells. You must be careful to spell the words carefully and correctly. No computer age abbreviations with spell casting!(muttering under my breath "lazy witches, .  .  .  I think not!  No lazy witches on my watch!" )

I put down the words need, money, abundance, financial security and such on the candles. No, not all words went on each candle. Also the names of the interested parties, such as the name of Enchantments, my name the town where the store is located, etc.

I placed each candle in a holder and made sure with a bit of liquid wax that they were secure in their holders and wouldn't topple when lit. I then covered their area which had an altar pentacle in the center of the small glass round table, with magickal stones that work for me to bring in financial and abundant energies. This cute little side table sold as a novelty rather than a serious piece of furniture, I really enjoy it because of the metal five pointed star under the pane of glass.  Pentacle tables! I have several and I use them all over.

I then cast a simple circle and when invoking the watch towers right at the beginning, wove into the welcoming the purpose of the spell and asked for their assistance.

"Hail watchtowers of the North, powers of Earth,  I call and invite you to attend this sacred rite to bring in abundance, financial energies and to help me as I cast this spell, to bring in the desired goal of bringing money and wealth into the store of Enchantments in Manchester, CT."  Be sure to state the location verbally also, not that the God/dess needs a GPS! But because there may be others by your name, and being specific helps the energies to formulate and condense and then find their way back to the place you need them to be.

I went around to each watchtower and welcomed the guardians with a special mention of the goal of the circle that had been cast.

Then after the circle was cast and sealed, I then lit each gold and silver candle and spoke to the Goddess and God as to my desires and the magickal goal I needed to manifest with this spell. I spoke to them as one would a highly respected, authoritative figure in your life. Like a judge in a court of law.

It sounded something like this: "Goddess / God, I ask you to take heed of my petition as I cast this spell and I thank you for the aid and assistance you give my magick, so that it will manifest as I desire.  I have great need to have this spell manifest and with your aid and assistance I thank you for making this spell manifest quickly and without resistance, easy and free. So Mote it be!"

After each gold and silver candle was lit and placed carefully around a center green candle burning on the altar pentacle, I then picked up the green candle I had placed in the North part of the tiny round table.  I turned to face the Northern Realms with my back to the altar and held the candle and lit it, then spoke from the heart of my desires and the magick I needed to have manifest. It sounded something like this:

"Guardians of the Northern Realms, I thank you for your presence here tonight. I ask for your assistance in aiding me with this spell. The security of your foundational stones, the financial abundance your assure with this spell coming to fruition speaks of your realms and the powers that lie within the great Mother Earth. Please aide me and assist in the manifestation of this spell and as I will it, So Mote it be!"

I then held the candle, closed my eyes and visualized the energy of the candle. Each time I did this, I saw waves of green, emanating out from the candle, waves after waves of green. When my mind and spirit felt connected and in sync with the candles energy, I placed it back on the altar. Then moved to the next direction. 

I performed this presentation of the candle to the watchtower it represented and spoke my spell's desire. I spoke to each elemental direction, striving for eloquence, proper respectful speech and a reverence of those things greater and more mysterious than us. There is a great magick in the universe and as a witch we work with but a tiny portion of it, at any given time. But to have worked with it, to have truly felt and delved into it, makes you aware of a power so much greater than anything we could fashion ourselves. It is this power that truly works with us and within us, creating what we call magick.

One of the most difficult questions I am asked  is "Does this stuff really work?"  for the answer is almost insulting in its simplicity. "Yes."   "It does."  The study, practice and experiencing of it after that simple point, is the path that continues on into the future and the unknown. I can answer 'Yes" but to explain further is very difficult unless the person has some understanding of magick and a belief that it can exist in their lives.

Why would anyone spend their life on a path that wasn't fulfilling, life-enriching and magickal? I don't know. I've spent almost all of my life in a magickal world, and I hope you're enjoying my telling you of my stories and experiences. I am very much enjoying sharing with you.

After my candles had burnt out,  about 40 minutes later, I had opened the circle and had moved onto other things, I was a bit tired, but not inordinately so.  It's a common misconception that one needs to be wiped energetically when doing spell work or other magicks for that case. Actually, after I was finished I went with a friend on a walk that was just shy of six miles. Now after that, I was tired but spell casting, if anything energizes me and gives me a sense of inner balance and peace.  This is the place you will want to strive for, as you learn to set aside nerves and excitement and focus on the spell at hand.

I also allowed myself to put the spell away, as my friend and I kept up our conversation during the walk it wasn't a topic of conversation. It was just one of the things I had done that day.  Newer students are still very excited when casting spells in the beginning years, and rightly so. You are creating magickal manifestation and changing your life in wonderful ways, you should be excited! But after a time of practice, after months if not years, you come to a place of inner certainty. Of an inner knowing, that your spell was cast, So Mote it be!
That's where I get to right after a spell is cast. I know it's been given up to more capable hands than mine, and I trust in the Guardians of the Elemental realms, I trust in the Goddess and God, and I trust in my magick. Most importantly, I trust in the witch that I am. I cease to worry about it, and trust and believe in its manifestation.

I will wait and see how this spell manifests.  Oh it will, just sometimes considering all sorts of influences, it may not manifest as we had first envisioned.  My visual? Toasting in stemmed glasses with sparkling juice the continued success and manifestation of Enchantments staying open, in business and providing to the magickal community and to you, my magickal supporter.

Peace and Happiness

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