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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

. . . about the spell I cast last night . . . working with planetary hours.

 Good Afternoon, and what a beautiful day it is.

One of so many beautiful days we've already experienced this summer.  I wonder if we will remember them once we are caught again in the grip of winter's fist?  Well, I for one try to spend time enjoying a day as lovely as this and I will close my eyes for a moment and just feel the energy of the day.  Then I open my eyes and look at something beautiful, like the cloud formation in the sky overhead, or at a garden  I am working on, perhaps a bird as it careens slowly in the sky above.  This helps me imprint the day for me to remember at a time when the day is not so lovely.

Well .  .  .  let me tell you about the spell I cast last night.  I wanted to do a money spell, a financial abundance spell and so I started by looking at the day, Monday. The Moon's day, and a day especially strong for magicks wrought by women.  I decided to use planetary hours and this is the part I wish to discuss with you.

I formulated the planetary hours for yesterday, and this needs to be done for each day you wish to work with. .  This is a tad complex and don't feel its necessary to do, but I like adding the strength of the specific hour of the specific day to the serious spells I cast. 

Let me explain what planetary hours are and how they can asist in your spell work. 

First there are sunrise or daylight planetary hours and sunset or night planetary hours.  We will work with daylight hours for this discussion. We may have 12 hours of daylight during a specific day, but are each daylight hour a complete hour? No, most likely not. I will use yesterdays specifics to help explain how I formulated this information.

First you need to know the time of sunrise.  Yesterday for my location on the globe the sun rose at 5:17 am.  A tad early to rise if you ask me, but hey, I'm not the sun!

Now find out the time of sunset, which for yesterday was 8:29 pm. This information is available online at any almanac site.  Switch your hours into minutes. For example, the sun rose at 5:17 and if I convert the first five hours and 17 minutes into all minutes I end up with 317 minutes.  Now I convert 8:29 pm into minutes and I do this by multiplying 20 times 60. 8 pm is the twentieth hour and 29 minutes added equals 1229.

Now subtract the daylight hours from the sunset time  1229 minus 317 which equals 912. Now divide 912 by 12 and you get 76. That's how many minutes are in each daylight hour.  Hey, that's way more than 60!
Now you know that each daylight hour for yesterday was 76 and you know that the first hour of daylight started at precisely 5:17 am, you add 76 minutes to 5:17 and you get 5:17 to 6:33, the second sunrise hour is 6:33 - 7:49 and so on.  Still with me?

Your sunrise hours look like this for June 227th, 2011
  • Planetary sunrise hour 1  5:17 - 6:33 am    
  • hour 2                             6:33 - 7:49 am
  • 3                                     7:49 - 9:05 am
  • 4                                     9:05 - 10:21 am
  • 5                                     10:21 - 11:37 am
  • 6                                     11:37 am - 12:53 pm
  • 7                                     12:53 - 2:09 pm
  • 8                                      2:09 - 3:25 pm
  • 9                                      3:25 - 4:41 pm
  • 10                                    4:41 - 5:57 pm
  • 11                                    5:57 - 7:13 pm
  • 12                                    7:13 - 8:29 pm                     
Now that you have this information it's very important to use another formula to make this information work for you. The planets that rule that specific hour of that specific day.  Each day of the week is different. Use this chart to find out what planet rules which hour of which day.

For your sunrise hours the week looks like this

Sunday Mon     Tues    Wed        Thurs   Fri     Sat          Hour
Sun      Moon     Mars     Mercury   Jupiter  Venus  Saturn     1
Venus  Saturn     Sun       Moon       Mars    Mercury Jupiter  2
Mercury  Jupiter Venus      Saturn     Sun      Moon      Mars   3
Moon     Mars      Mercury  Jupiter   Venus    Saturn   Sun      4
Saturn      Sun       Moon       Mars     Mercury  Jupiter Venus  5
Jupiter   Venus     Saturn      Sun        Moon      Mars   Mercury 6
Mars    Mercury  Jupiter      Venus    Saturn     Sun     Moon     7
Sun     Moon      Mars       Mercury   Jupiter      Venus Saturn   8
Venus  Saturn    Sun        Moon        Mars       Mercury Jupiter 9
Mercury Jupiter  Venus    Saturn      Sun          Moon     Mars   10
Moon     Mars     Mercury  Jupiter   Venus       Saturn    Sun     11
Saturn    Sun       Moon      Mars      Mercury    Jupiter Venus   12

Ah, now you know that yesterday on Monday the third and the tenth hour of the day coincided with Jupiter, the financial and abundance planet. Since the third hour really was early for my day between 7:49 and 9:05 and I had lots to do, I decided to cast the spell at the tenth hour or between the hours of 4:41 and 5:57 pm.

Curious as to how the other planets can help you with your spell casting? A simple primer to follow is:
Sun- bright positive potential, money as in gold, success, fame and excellent beginnings
Moon- women's mysteries, magicks cast by women, uncovering illusion and deep interspection
Mars - success in battle, business success and overcoming obstacles and challenges
Mercury - communication, intellect and winning by using your wits
Jupiter, we already discussed but to review, financial abundance, prosperity, business financial increase
Venus - love, passion, romance, relationships
Saturn - banishing, eliminating and getting rid of that which no longer serves you

I know, I know, it's kind of complicated and a bit intense, but remember you don't have to use every layer available to craft and cast your spells. Just use what works for you and leaves the rest behind, it may be meant for another.

I used green, gold and silver candles and I used 4 green candles and petitioned each watchtower of guardian of an elemental direction for their assistance. I used the silver and gold candles to petition the Goddess and the God for assistance with my spell.  Petitioning the guardians and Goddess/God I feel is a lot like agruing your case in court. Be eloquent, clear and determined that this is what you need. 

Using the planetary hours just adds a bit of ummph to your spell casting. 

Peace and Happiness

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