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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Green Witchery - a short primer

 Good Evening,

Tonight I'm going to touch upon a subject I have been asked about often.  What is a green witch?  I will answer this briefly as it is a vast subject that can cover many areas..  Firstly, ts important to realize that the world of magick is littered with labels and assumptions put out there by people.  The problem is, most of these people that insist on labeling things do not often agree with each other.  Some speak with authority on what a green witch is and who is one and who is not. Foolishness! YOU DECIDE! No one can decide for you. So, it's  key to realize that I only speak for me, from my personal experiences and that my definitions may very well be different from others you may read.  

A green witch, of which I have been since the tender age of 12 or so, is firstly a person that can sense the energies inherent in naturally created objects and elements.  Whether one senses these things naturally or with training, matters not, as one can learn to enhance their personal energy sensing abilities. I know its possible to teach people who cannot initially sense these energies because I have,  I teach students how to sense energy. 

All naturally occurring and created items such as rocks, minerals, crystals, herbs, seeds, pods, grasses, fruits and vegetables, actually food magick falls within this area also, have inherent magickal  properties that attract or repel certain energies.The natural magick that can be found in essential oils, colored candles, animal parts freely gifted such as a naturally shed feather or cat's claw can all be found in the green witch's purview. 

My green witchery I did not learn from books, or other sources, regardless of how reputable these cauldrons of knowledge can be, I learned it from the only source I feel I can learn it from.  Nature herself.  Yes, I have my years of study and research as has everyone else in this field, researching and practicing Wicca and general witchcraft as put forth by the 'Magickal Masters' as I call them. I refer fondly and with great respect to Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valiente, Leo Martello, Starhawk, Margot Adler, Laurie Cabot, Janet Farrar, Gavin Bone, Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi. The last five individuals I have been honored and delighted to have met and visited with a bit, as well as continuing to learn from them.

When I say everyone has learned from these pioneering Magickal Masters I mean just that. These individuals are the ones that wrote the books that allowed us to take feelings and inner energies and give them a name, a label if you will.  They taught everyone of us Wicca as we know it today. Or they taught the ones who taught you, by their published works.  Remember the internet has only been around a scant 20 years? at this point, and personal Internet access has been around a lot less time.  We can learn from so many reputable/dubious sources today but the originally published authors are the ones that did the real work, the real research for us, thus paving the way for so many today.  

What I have learned from nature is the basis for my magick.  I learned from the masters the arrangement of a magical circle, how to set an altar and how to cast a spell.  But I learned from nature that burning a green candle while gardening allows me to focus on a level that allows me to shift between the world of reality, dirt under my nails, shovel digging into the earth, planting the seeds and roots in the earth, tamping down the soil and the world of the unseen and magickal. The world where I catch glimpses of fairies underneath the lower leaves of the peony bush and I start to channel the energies of the plants and herbs, feeling their energies within me and a knowing of how they work and what they can do.  This is a brief story of how this works for me.

Once our dog came across a skunk on the back porch and .  .  .  well .  .  .  as these situations often become a losing proposition for anyone not a slunk, our dog got sprayed and was declared the loser in this fight.   Have you ever driven by a spot on the road where a skunk got hit? Well, I assure you, it's 100 times worse to have your back door sprayed directly. Our dog was in front of the back door, hence the target.  Even worse, our dog was an inside dog. She would go out daily but always slept indoors, except that night!  I spent the very next day doing something about the smell, and the tomato juice concept is not an effective one. I have tried that in the past.  I grabbed a large cauldron and put it on an outdoor fire filled three quarters of the way with water. 

I proceeded to walk slowly around my yard, touching plants, herbs, grasses, leaves from trees and quietly asking them if they could help.  I knew a lot about their magickal properties already as I would study feverishly about a new plant every time I planted one. It didn't matter if it was a common herb like basil, or something exotic like sweetgrass, I would study the magickal and other properties of the plant.  I soon had several plants chosen and I heavily snipped and harvested from them.  There were mints, grasses, eucalyptus, various herbs, flowering plants and leaves and bark from sweet birch trees. I brewed and stirred, incanted and spell cast.  Candles were lit and additional exotic ingredients like stick cinnamon and candied ginger added. Many of the plant materials I used had banishment properties. They also contained deodorizing properties.  I first scrubbed the poor dog, Sweetie was her name, with as strong a soap detergent that I could safely use with her, to remove as much of the skunk oils from her hair and skin as I could.

Then I rinsed her with a solution of vinegar, apple cider and water.  Then I rinsed her with the cooled solution I had brewed.  Another shampoo and another rinse with the solution. I even had some of the mushy vegetation that had cooked to a pulp and mashed that into her skin to help eliminate any oil residue. Rinsed with the reminder of the solution, it was easily 10 gallons if not more, and she was able to sleep in the house that night.  She had virtually no remaining odor of the skunk.  Talk about the 'need' in this magickal situation!

The plants told me what I needed to know. I clipped what I needed and stopped when it felt that I should.  Other areas of green witchery I have discussed with you previously:  How I enjoy and must have magickal stones on my person or close by and I often employ green magick while creating foods for loved ones. Using the naturally occurring magickal qualities found in natural ingredients can enhance and enchant your life.  This to me is green witchery. 

I find that when obligations and responsibilities demand I spend a majority of my time indoors, that after a time I actually suffer from lack of exposure to the sun and the open air, and develop physical symptoms that only are relieved by being outdoors.  This green witch is happiest and healthiest when I have plenty of time outside. 

Casting a magickal circle and conducting a ritual outdoors, under a full moon can really help one connect to the energies found outdoors.  Remember to do the ritual barefooted to truly connect and bond with the earth's energy.  Take lots of time, between each step and aspect of the ritual, to feel the energies that surround you.  Close your eyes and just breath in and allow the energy to expand within you and then allow it to seep out and surround you completely. 

These are some of the lessons I've learned from Nature herself.  If you wish to try your hand at green witchcraft, do it.  Get one plant and plant it.  If you're comfortable with that, get a few and plant a garden.  Be sure to keep a green journal and record all that you learn. Your teachers will be the plants themselves.  Just a simple journal with occasional notations throughout summer. List the magickal properties of the plant, the botanical properties (is it poisonous?) , the growth conditions it requires, and where you plant it, and of course how well it does there.  You'll discover the other notations you should record, from the plants themselves.  It's a simple task but valuable in discovering the green witch in you. I hope you get out and enjoy nature!

Peace and Happiness 

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