The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Gardens of Enchantments - A Pictorial Discussion

Good Evening,

I've been a bit quiet lately, because of the lovely work to be done in my gardens. Tonight I thought I'd let the gardens speak to you. They are coming along really well, and they are growing and becoming just beautiful. I am enjoying the watering, dead heading,  pruning and harvesting to be done.  Let me share the gardens with you, and of course you are always invited to visit in person.

 The front garden of Enchantments at 349 East Center Street, Manchester, CT. Stop by to enjoy the gardens yourself!

 The back stairs allowed me to practice my arrangement abilities by creating some pretty potted designs. It's important to remember to water, sometimes twice a day in hot weather, but their smiling faces make it worth it!
 A Yucca plant in full bloom. So quiet and subdued most of the year, and then it blooms and is a garden diva commanding 'Look at me! I'm beautiful!' 
 A cauldron planted with sun loving coleus, begonia and salvia.

 A bed of red salvia encourages hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to drone about on a lazy summer day.
 The latest bunch of late annuals that need planting and a place to shine. Tomorrow's fun work to do during my day. 

 I use mulch, natural brown cedar to keep the precious moisture around the roots of my plants, to discourage weed growth and to make everything look nice.

 A new garden bed just planted by the students of Enchantments last Saturday. Plantings of impatiens grow well in the sahde of a maple tree. Some dahlias are just sprouting in the foreground of wet soil.
 New pots of petunias, eucalyptus, begonia and sweet potato vine make a pretty welcome spot at the front entrance to Enchantments.

 Our pumpkins! Getting pretty big and small blossoms are just setting.
 A fun, (works better than I expected!) upside down tomato planter with an open top to plant a happy begonia.

 Our newest display inside Enchantments. I have been harvesting and drying herbs and we have many herbs for sale on the center table in the middle room. 
 Now is the time to buy your magickal herbs. Many of the herbs for sale at Enchantments I have personally harvested from my gardens at home and at Enchantments.
 What herbs are you needing right now? I just picked today Lavender, rose petals, sweet woodruff, cinquefoil and fern fronds.  They will be hung up to dry tomorrow. 

Have a wonderful evening,

Peace and Happiness

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