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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

What Are You Grateful For This Thanksgiving? There is Magick in Counting Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving My Witchy Readers,

This year has been a challenging one for many people including this witch, but like any challenges they bring blessings if one knows what to look for.

This year I am again listing my blessings, but they may take some people by surprise.  This year I am grateful for the spotlight that shone on the illusion, the deception, the lies and the betrayal of some people closest to me. Even though the pain and heartache of losing a few close friends was so difficult it was a life lesson that taught me so many valuable lessons that I would never have learned any other way.

Not all life lessons are or should be easy or comfortable. I don't especially like the fact that some bring us to the point of breaking us, but again, the old adage what does not kill us makes us stronger in some ways holds true. It also makes us smarter and wiser and hopefully not bitter or more jaded. Yet that remains for all to be seen.  I continue to burn a candle every night to send out love to return to me, not to affect anyone else, but only to return to me. Never to send out any negative feelings only love, no matter how much hurt was sent to me.

There is a reason as we grow older we are not as soft and pliable, innocent and fresh as we were when younger. Some call it life, but it is the realities of life, the disappointments, the broken promises, the let downs, the truth of those we trusted, we relied on, we loved and we learned were not who we thought they were, or who we wanted them to be. Some we divorced, some we walked away from and some walked away from us. In the end though, they were all blessings, as we were left with the lessons, the experiences and the blessings of the absence of the hurtful ones and the opening for others who we can fill the void with.

The others we can be more selective with.  We can choose others who are loving, are truthful, are compassionate, are honest and reliable, are honorable and true. Those we choose who will be real friends, and real in your life, not just smoke and mirrors. Fancy, eloquent words which in the end hold no substance, no truth only lies.

The biggest blessing is coming to this realization and working hard, maybe the hardest you have ever done in your life to not wish them ill, but to only send out compassion and understanding. Know something very valuable if you have dealt with someone like this in your life.  Know that they are like the way they are not because of you, not because of anything you have done, or anything they have felt about you. Actually they most likely have never felt anything for you or anyone for that matter. The hurtful things they do to others is simply their nature. It is their base character. They can feel nothing for anyone but themselves, and only care about how they come through a difficult situation, no one else matters a wit.

In this day and age we, unfortunately, have seen more and more of these hurtful, unloving, narcissistic, users, liars, those who cast illusions, who couldn't tell the truth if their very life was at stake, all the while promising you the very world, we see it on the nightly news, we see it in politics, we see it in business, in our offices, even in our families and in our social circles. But the very best we can do is to recognize them and realize we can't save them, we can't help them, we can't do anything to make them want to be better people. We may care for these types of people, like them, call them friends, even think we love them, but that does not make them good people.

Many that read my blog will see themselves in my words simply because you are bright lights of positivity, of love and light. That is the whole reason such people of darkness seek us out. They are attracted to our light and our positivity, our outlook on life and they desperately want it, they want to surround themselves with people like us, but eventually their darkness comes out and they must convince us of their true nature and we are the ones who get hurt. Trust me, they continue on completely oblivious to any hurt they have caused you and completely and totally uncaring of having done so.

No, they will not come back one day, remorseful and asking forgiveness. Yes a healthy, mentally stable human would one day, but people like this simply barrel through life leaving pain and hurt and broken promises behind them, until one day far in the future they will find themselves working long into the night, behind their desk, the proverbial "Ebeneezer Scrooge" but without the three benevolent spiritual visitations coming at the last possible moment to save them from dying from an old age of loneliness and spiritual loss. For that is what we have at the end of our lives to look forward to.  What we have gathered up throughout our lifetime in friendships, loving relationships, close trusting shared moments and memories. These are what we will take with us to our death beds, should we be so lucky as to actually find ourselves on our death bed, and not having died suddenly in a tragic unexpected accident.

One would hope, that our death bed would be surrounded by loved ones who would mourn our imminent passing and would miss us after we are gone, but that only happens as a culmination of our life's work as we live it. And I mean our life's work, not 'work' as in business, or finance, but the business of living your life in respect to those you interact with and how you leave them afterwards.

The culmination of our life's work is not success in business, not tremendous wealth, substantial real estate or vast financial investments.  People gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner tables around the country today, I would wager, few are giving thanks for being able to work countless hours and for 401K's. We find ourselves giving thanks for the loved ones who surround us. The true friends who are there for us, even when times get tough.

We give thanks for those in our lives who stand beside us, stand behind us even when it may be unpopular to do so, who support and encourage us, even when they may be the only one to do so, those who go out of their way to help us, to listen to us when we have problems even when our problems seem unending, who pick up the phone even when busy, who answer the email, even when it takes an extra moment out of their day to do so, who remembers what it means to be a friend. Who realizes you will be there for them each and every time also. Without question, without complaint, without conditions of any kind.  For a true friendship takes two, it is never one sided.

Will you, should you find yourself on your death bed, be able to imagine yourself surrounded by many people who you have treated kindly, who will miss you. I do not mean in a business sense, but in a human sense? Are you proud of how you treat people? Of how you have left relationships? have you been caring, understanding, honest, compassionate, understanding, and forgiving? Can you think of people in your life you no longer are in relationship with, and look yourself in your eyes in the mirror and be proud of how your treated them?

Are you a being of light and of love? Or are you a being of darkness? If you are the latter, like Scrooge you can change, but you have to want to. No one can make you change, only you can do that. Also know, no one will come to you looking to forgive you, that is your work, should you be able to find the courage within to do so.

I give blessings today for the real people in my life, and for the Universe shining the spotlight on those who were false friends this past year and who, though painful it may have been, was instrumental in removing them from my life, so that I may live a life of authenticity and truth with those who respect and love me.

I do believe in many lifetimes, but this life is far too short to waste on those who do not deserve the light and love that is within me.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and light a candle for love and send out love to return to you!! Your light may it ever shine on!! Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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