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Monday, November 13, 2017

Attorney-Client Privilege - Is it The Same With Your Psychic?

Greetings My Witchy Readers,

November, and we have made it! It is now Pagan winter and the witchy season is over and done with. Frankly the last three months were enough for this witch and I look forward to a peaceful, relaxing and happiness infused winter season, filled with the truest of friends, family and the making of magickal memories. For we never know how long or short a time we have with one another, so let us remember to cherish each precious moment.

I think today's topic is an interesting one and it comes from a recent client for whom I did a tarot card reading for. During our reading she kind of jokingly commented that the things I was seeing were covered like "attorney-client confidentiality", I think most especially as we know each other outside of Enchantments, and she was in her way looking to be assured that what I saw would not be talked about outside of the tarot room except between her and I. I assured her it was, indeed.

Yet, as a squirrel gathers nuts this time of the year, I store concepts to write about, so here I am! What a good concept, I thought! It made me wonder what people actually know about that age old concept of "privilege" or what most would call today "Client Confidentiality" in regards to their attorney or doctor  Yet, be aware, besides attorneys, doctors and some members of the clergy this practice is not protected by law with everyone in every profession.

So, no, your psychic, medium, fortune teller, tarot reader or palm reader is not protected by law not to reveal your inner dark, deep secrets, truthfully many of what they could tell would most likely not be taken very seriously by many anyways. So many today still find what we do to be entertainment, or even fraudulent. Many find it to be a game or not very serious. Yet, you take it seriously,  as you should take your psychic reader seriously, so choose your reader carefully. A good reader will not reveal your reading or what you discussed with anyone. And even for training purposes, as in running a school as I do, the specifics are kept hidden and just the basics are presented which will help the students learn. Names are never divulged.

Yet it is interesting that, for an example, what is now vaguely called client confidentiality, is actually officially called attorney-client privilege,  an attorney is not even allowed to share your communication with him/her with anyone! Not a single person without your express consent, not their office staff, never a spouse or significant other, not even their personal assistant, no matter how they try to finagle their way around attorney-client privilege, which ensures your communication is kept private. Apparently all you need is to be a client and to have the communication on their business email or to speak to in person or a handwritten piece of correspondence and it is covered!

 Of course any attorney who violates this is subject to sanctions and all sorts of nasty repercussions from their state Bar Association, and the same holds true for the doctor you may be sharing your medical information with, as well as a member of the clergy as long as they are a member that has a governing board that can impose penalties and sanctions for violations.  That's right, your doctor, with the HEPA laws, can't even discuss your medical issues with their staff. The catch is there is only one person in all of the above situations who can waive privilege and that is .   .  .  you! The client.

This legal precedent was reestablished in a federal court again just recently. In 2013 a New Mexico court recently reaffirmed the attorney-client privilege as well as a number of cases more recently in the state of Connecticut, which of course your attorney would be aware of. Your doctor is very aware of the HEPA laws as we sign several legal papers concerning such yearly.  Even your therapist is held to these rules. But whereas your psychic can be considered a therapist make sure yours is not a gossip.

So, if you have not been asked to waive privilege, or on the other hand if you have written to your doctor or attorney expressly that you do not give consent to waive privilege, hmmmmm, well then you may have all sorts of legal recourse should you be so inclined. But then again, it is up to you as to how far you would wish to go. But it is also good to know it is only the most unethical, and untrustworthy of the profession that would even think of doing such a thing, so hopefully you would never run into someone who would be so dishonorable.

So, no as the Pagan world is concerned we may have Priests and Priestesses but we are self governing and have no established central governing board and never will, so if someone were to violate your confidence it is a lesson learned and hopefully not too hard a lesson, in trust. For we will never have an established board or association in place which is there to regulate and enforce rules to keep people's privacy and confidential communication confidential. So, like so many other areas of the witch's life it is up to you to closely scrutinize those you share your magickal self with, not just your psychic reader, but also other magickal friends and acquaintances.

So by using your common sense, feel out your psychic medium, or reader or intuitive and get a feel for how they work with you. If you feel they are respectful and can keep your confidence then you can develop a deeper relationship, that over time will grow and become more effective and more beneficial for you. Honestly the first reading you get is never more than in introduction to how you and the reader interact. Do you like each other? Do you like how the reader seems to work? Does she seem to pick up on your energies and tell you things that make it worth you time and money? Would you be willing to come back?

I find it helpful to have no attachment to my clients at all, when it comes to their readings. When I do feel an attachment, and I start to care how their reading will come out it becomes less of a dynamic reading and do not make the mistake of interpreting a perceived lack of warm friendliness with a lack of respect. I have run into this when a client who has never met me think that I am mad at them or that I do not like them simply because I am in a "trance" like state readying myself to read their cards as well as keeping a distance as I do not want to get all close and warm and fuzzy friendly as I need to keep a distance so that I can read the energies correctly.

After I read a clients cards and runes I tell them to make sure to write down all of the things I tell them as I will not remember their reading shortly after they leave. It is their "stuff" and I don't care to keep it in my head, nor would they want me to.

If you find your psychic is not keeping your confidence, stop going to them immediately. Even if they do not divulge your psychic information, telling others that you came to them. Perhaps you are well known in your community, perhaps you are a minor or major celebrity. Your time with your psychic is private between you and the psychic unless, YOU and only you choose to waive that right by telling others or if you bring someone in to the reading with you.

People often ask if others can sit in on the reading, or if they can record the reading and I tell them, it is totally up to them. It is their choice, not mine. Your information of your past, present and future is yours only, not anyone's else's and a decent, honorable psychic just like a decent, honorable attorney or doctor or clergy person will, without question, keep your confidence.

If they do not, then it says a lot about them, no matter how they try to spin it. Now you know the truth and the reality about your privacy and it is inviolate.

I know, if you have ever had anyone violate your privacy, how terribly awful and what a violation it can be, but pick yourself up and let it be a lesson to never trust that specific person ever again. For if they will betray your trust once they will do so again. It speaks volumes of their character and their integrity and the lack of quality and honor they possess.

Many times you choose a psychic and will want to go to them again and again, so a trust and a relationship will develop. This is important. Once you have developed this relationship they will be able to help you more and more as they get to know you and your energies. This relationship can help you and stay with you for years and continue to benefit you a you continue to walk your path. A sincere psychic reader will not even record or take notes as your information is yours and allows yours to leave with you.

A couple of last thoughts, do not try to go cheap for a reader. Yes, at some fairs r special events you may get a special price like $20-25 but other than a quick 5-10 minute reading these inexpensive prices are just not realistic. When you got to a respectable, credible, experienced reader you can expect to pay from $40 on the lowest side to as high as $350 on the high side and the money usually depends on the length, anywhere from 15-60 minutes, the reader's experience, and for some if they have some celebrity they will be on the higher side, simply because they have so many people Ademanding heir time and it is usually how they make a living.

For goodness sake, when you do approach a reader, do not be gauche! Starting off the conversation of asking for a reading and standing there and trying to decide of you want to pay for a reading, to ask if the reader "is any good" , or "how accurate is your readings?" or even worse " is any of this stuff for real?" with a skeptical demeanor, is not only rude, insulting but as my age and having gone this route before I will simply decide not to do the person's reading. Because I am not in the business of trying to convince anyone or my abilities. Those who know me, know.

I hope this gives you some food for thought, and that your next visit to a psychic is a good experience!

Live, Laugh and Always Love! Ms. Faith

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