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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Current Uprising Of Females Holding Males Accountable, May Be Because Of The Stars!

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

My, my, so much uprising in the world today, most especially in the past few months, with so many women standing up and calling out and holding accountable men who have hurt them, especially sexually harassed, assaulted or otherwise used their male dominance to oppress or demean them.

I am going to put my witchy opinion out there for what it is worth, and that may be as much or as little as the next witch! Also, let me point out that I am not an astronomer nor an astrologer, I do not read astrological charts, or natal charts or any sort of thing. My understanding of astrology is simply personal observation over a few decades, and I have been paying close attention.

I look at things from a witches perspective. How people interact, how the moon pulls on people and how the sun affects us also. How we are affected by shifts like Mercury Retrograde and how each Sun sign has some common factors but how each of us has a little bit of each element within us. None of us are all or nothing, black or white when it comes to our astrological being, and our magickal selves.

We are indeed an amalgamation of so many aspects and as such we are affected by so many aspects in the universe. Some of us are aware and open to these shifts and changes and some of us are not and find ourselves buffeted along, but we, all of us are along for the ride, whether we like it or not.

So, every year we have full moons and new moons, and some years we have lunar and or solar eclipses. Some years we have no eclipses, some years no more than four solar and three lunar eclipses.  Also, every year there are at least three or more cycles of Mercury retrograde, a period  of time when the planet Mercury appears to stop or looks to be moving backwards with the naked eye in the sky. An optical illusion, but one that has been given many attributes over the centuries and these have taken on their own nature and do seem to affect humans in various ways.

Well, each of these natural, let us call them "astral" phenomenon, may indeed be interesting and have various energetic affects on their own, such as the full moon affecting people in certain ways, and of course, Mercury Retrograde is well known for being known to cause communication issues amongst people, especially in business, but what we had this past year, most specifically in August, 2017 has set the stage for what is happening now.

Specifically, and at the time I felt and was affected personally myself, the phenomenon of the astronomical convergence of not only a full moon with a lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017 and then two weeks later a total solar eclipse during the new moon which happened on August 21, 2017, and of course this occurred during the day with the sun, but the new moon phase is significant from a witch's perspective, then right smack dab in the middle fell Mercury going Retrograde on  August 13, 2017 AND again, I am a witch and not an astrologer, so I am looking at things as a witch, as well as taking note that this was our first harvest.

The first harvest when all that has been planted, seeds that have been sown, that have sat and grown, perhaps people have grown stronger, more resilient, braver and more capable, and then during the harvest were able to come out and claim their right for justice. Or were you mown down in the field like sheaths of wheat under the scythe?

But I am jumping ahead. Let me back up. back to the Sun, which is our symbol for the God and the Moon our symbol for the Goddess. At the time I described the phenomenon to my students as I meditated on it and as it came to me as a future period of time when things would be revealed. When things on a "stage" whether personal in your private life or bigger in the public or even political or global stage would have the "light" the spotlight of the full moon shone on the truth, where the illusion would be stripped away, as a dark theater curtain is pulled back revealing to the audience what is about to take place on the stage.

I told my students back in August, look at your life and be aware that things that had been hidden from you may be revealed, may be brought to light no matter how disruptive and uncomfortable or unhappy the truth makes you, but we do need to know the truth.

That phenomenon, though I do not have specific statistics, I do not believe can possibly occur as it did very often at all, and the shift of energy it caused is still being felt four months later, and the results are still being seen. But what do I mean by results and how does this equate with the females coming forth to point out and name their accusers, how does this sync up?

The Moon is representative of the Goddess and female energy and power. The Sun is representative of the God and male energy and power. Well, when the Sun rises and then sets and then the moon rises and then sets it is as if there is a natural dance,  a cordial agreement between the God and the Goddess, the Sun and the Moon each taking their places politely in the sky, each taking their turn.

But if you look at the eclipses in a story form, first the earth moved between the Sun and the Moon separating them, causing darkness to fall upon the Goddess, darkness, illusion. The God, the male, or some aspect not honoring, not being honest, not being respectful, hiding the truth of some sort. Then with communication broken down with Mercury retrograde coming in between them, then the Moon, the Goddess retaliates by coming between the Sun and the earth and the battle commences and the truth is destined to be revealed.

Now, and this is so important!!! It is not just the men who will have truth, their illusions stripped away, although that seems to be the focus on the public stage. No, there will be women who also will fall under the spotlight, especially if they are such, that they are focused on the energy of the Sun and the Moon and the types of situations these forces govern. Such as:

Specifically hurtful relationship deceptions will come to light (I said specifically hurtful. If you have something happening and are careful not to let another person get hurt then this is not applicable. Say you go to the movies and do not invite a co-worker. As long as people are polite and discreet, there is no reason for anyone to be hurt.)

Lies and betrayal when it comes to friendships, social, romantic, even business (especially if money is involved) these will be highlighted and will come to light in some fantastic, unimaginable ways. You may indeed be shocked at how the truth comes barreling forth like a freight train, but it simply cannot be stopped on its inevitable course.

Because we are dealing with female/male energies, which are by their very base nature sexual, any unwanted sexual advances or activity, which is why all of this is being spotlighted and almost emphasized to an extreme. It is not that all of these women just woke up one day, no! Their harvest has come in, and NOW they are ready and the men responsible are going down under the scythe. That's just the way it works.

It is the harvest, August 1st was the first Harvest and even myself, I had to and found myself harvesting some pretty unwanted and unhappy crops at that time. But after the second harvest at Mabon, which was the Fall Equinox on September 21, 2017, and then our third and last harvest on Samhain (Halloween) on October 31st/Nov 1st, we continued to gather up the fruits of the metaphorical seeds we sowed over the past year or even before.

I have seen this past 4 months that many of the things people are harvesting seem to have been readying itself for many, many months if not years and in some cases decades. For some karma comes for them quickly and swiftly, and for some it takes time. True, karma can visit on it's own like a vengeful Goddess seeking to right the wrongs inflicted upon the innocent, but again there are times Karma opens the door and ushers in the victim herself and hands her the tools, or the voice or the opportunity or the pen and paper, or the podium or the audience to deliver justice to the perpetrator.

Yes, there will be those who stand against you, or call you names, or try to humiliate you, or degrade you especially if your attacker or the person who hurt you is popular or well liked. There will even be women who will shock you at their viciousness, their hatred, their cruelty and their unreasonableness in not giving your story any credence. They will try to make you feel petty, small and like a trouble maker. They will try to make you feel like a victim all over again.

Don't let them. Also do not be shocked or surprised at the vehemence that comes from your very soul when you open your mouth and all of the emotion at the betrayal and the wrongs done to you come out. You might appear fierce and a bit scary but that is your warrior queen, and she is pissed and has had enough!!! NO more!!

A strong, strange atmospheric, astrological, human and astral shift happened earlier this year and I feel it will continue. If it has been affecting you, and those around you, don't stress just look carefully at the situations and try to get to the truth before it blindsides you, if at all possible. Prepare for the possible worse and if it is not so bad, then great!

If it is bad, then get up, surround yourself with some friends and loved ones, light a candle and thank the Goddess for true friends and love to enter your life and dust yourself off and get back in the game. That's all we can do. When the shift has finished and all is done shaking, I assure you one thing. Those that are left with you, are true friends and those you can trust.

What has come up in the past will have been dealt with and put aside, and you will be healthier and happier.

That is all I know, at least for now!!

Live, Laugh and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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