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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Moons, Eclipses & Mercury Retrograde, What to Expect, What to Know

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

Well this month has been quite an energized month indeed! We have had to pile on our magickal plate, a full moon with a lunar eclipse, coming up a new moon along with a solar eclipse and on top of it all, Mercury went Retrograde and this witch is finding herself dealing with all sorts of attitudes from the overwrought to the childish and even slightly off balanced, indeed! Oh my bats and broomsticks!!

Seriously many can muddle through a simple Mercury Retrograde, but pile everything else on top, all within less than a single month and you find even reasonable people losing it and acting in some shocking ways. I have seen the most extreme example of even a simple sentence in an email to be so misunderstood as to set a person off imagining all sorts of nefarious and completely wrong scenarios.  This 2 week period for the next week or so is hot with all sorts of astrological energies and the best thing to do when someone lashes out at you is to simply allow them to act the fool and step aside and refuse to play.

No matter how they misunderstand, make wrong assumptions, and misread all sorts of innuendos in any correspondence sent, this is the worst part of Mercury Retrograde, understand that these misunderstandings are highlighted by their own inner demons.  A person with inner self esteem issues, suspicions, perhaps a nasty mind suspecting untoward activities, a person exclaiming loudly that others are lying, cheating, betraying, stealing, gossiping whatever their issue is, or issues are, they speak loudly of their own tendencies much more so than anything about you. Most especially when there is no basis for any of their accusations. Realize it is all about them, and nothing about you, so step aside and let them have at it.

Mercury Retrograde also affects areas of travel, law, relationships and the speed of messages being received and replied to. During this period of time, it is a poor time to sign any contracts or enter into any legal agreements, to start a new relationship, but beware that any rocky relationships may come to their natural end, and any travel plans can run afoul of delays, breakdowns and other mechanical issues.  Mercury goes direct by September 9th, but we still have to deal with the post shadow phase until September 19th during which time it will still be spewing some of it's trouble.

I have had a number of students and customers/clients ask about the energies of the moons and the eclipses, and what to expect. Now, mind you, take special note of what I am about to say.

My perspective on this topic comes from a witches perspective which is not necessarily an astrological perspective.  Also for those who choose to use the Internet to 'look up' information, you will most likely not find my material found on other websites as it is from my observations and experiences and training of over 30 years of being a witch. I do not tend to look up my information as many tend to do. There is simply so much nonsense on the Internet. Those who get their knowledge thusly tend to be poorly trained. Experience and years of training and practice is really the best method of learning.

As far as the full moon two weeks ago with the lunar eclipse and the new moon with the solar eclipse tomorrow the energies are riding high and this is the witches high time of casting spells and making magick manifest! Our powers are at their height.

Two weeks ago the full moon highlighted the hidden things in our lives, those things which were being kept from us. The true 'face' of people or things or circumstances, situations or activities that we had only been shown one side of. The full moon highlighted the true face of what was really there while the lunar eclipse pinpointed to each person the one aspect, the one thing they needed to see, to be made aware of the most in their lives, be it in their relationships, social, family or work environments. The one aspect in their life that would affect their upcoming lives the most significantly in the best or worst ways over the next few weeks. This is what has been highlighted and revealed. All one needs to do is pay attention and see what is brought before them.

Oooh, beware to those who have hidden agendas and who are trying to show one face while keeping their true face hidden because your true self has been revealed to those who needed to see it. It has now been seen. It is now being considered, weighed and measured. For those who have goodness, truth, love and compassion in their souls this too will be revealed. The good and the bad are now highlighted and from the highest levels of governments to the very foundations of immediate families and also the workplace, the hidden is now out where it can be seen.

Now we will deal with the new moon and the solar eclipse, tomorrow and the effects of both over the next week or so. Now that the true 'face' of what has been hidden in your life has been revealed, now the positive, desired aspects of what you wish for in your life will be able to easily brought in. That which you have been longing for, hoping for will be brought to you. The words will come easier, the strength needed for the decisions, the desired outcome will be at your fingertips. And while the new is being brought in, the solar eclipse will be burning away the harmful, the angry, the hate, the jealousy, the unwanted, the deceptive, the lower human emotions that maybe in your life, either in you or in others that you surround yourself with.

For the witches and pagans, during this time, most especially during the day of the new moon and solar eclipse, charging of your magickal tools, jewelry, supplies, candles, potions, herbs any of your magickal materials will be given an intense power boost for your magickal workings.

Yes, in a short 14 days, there are a lot of energy to deal with, and witches and pagans are better at handling it than mere mortals, .  .  .  giggle,.  .  .   but at the very least, have compassion and perhaps a bit of pity for those non magickal people who are overwrought with the energies they simply can't understand and who they feel they must blame on others. They simply do not understand the magickal world, and some never will. This world is not meant for everyone, as not everyone is capable of handling what we do. Some actually feel anyone can do what we do, be who we are. Those who walk this path, know the truth of that. If that were true, well then wouldn't everyone? Hmmmmm?

This period of time for the next couple of days is excellent for protection magick, invoking magick, banishment of harmful energies, and increasing positive and beneficial energies, be they love, health, abundance or success.

Yes, the magick we cast at this time,  is very much as if we were spell casting during a full and new moon simultaneously, and these energies controlled best within a magick circle can and will be most effective to manifest what you desire in the next two to three weeks.

Celtic God of the Sun: Belenos
Roman God of the Sun: Apollo
Egyptian Cat Goddess of the Sun: Bast
Egyptian Goddess of the Sun: Sekhmet

These are some Gods and Goddesses to aid you in your spell casting or ritual work. Candles to use for ritual work can be any specific to your specific spell, or simply orange, yellow, white and red for the ritual work to honor the eclipse and black for the new moon.

No matter how intense this cycle of moon's, eclipses and Mercury Retrograde may be for you, remember there is the other side waiting for you to get there, where all will be made sense of and things will become calm and sensible once again. Be patient, and wait  .  .  .  all will come to pass .  .  .   Blessings, Ms. Faith

Live, Laugh and Always Love

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