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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When You Can Do Magick For Others and When To Leave It Alone

Greetings My Magickal Reader,

I have often said in the past how we should do our spells for ourselves, but realistically there will be those loved ones close to you, family, best friends, that do not have the time or inclination to do spell work for their needs, and may ask you to help them in a situation every now and again.

Whereas I still hold true to my belief that a person should do the spell work for themselves, if it is to be as effective as it can possibly be, there are times when we can and will do magick for others. I thought that tonight I would go over some criteria when we encounter these situations:

First and foremost we never take money for doing the magickal workings for a person. This is not the same thing as reading their cards, or selling them an herbal preparation or magickal tools or supplies. Once we cross into the realm of taking money for casting spells and doing magick we have entered a dangerous realm where we might never return and our magick becomes dark and will soon leave us completely. Sell them the supplies if you need to, teach them to do the spell themselves, but never take money for doing the spell work.

Always be sure to have that person's permission, and it is best that the person be someone very close to you. If you do not know the person then the spell will simply not work. There needs to be a need for the spell to work. If the person is close to you, then your desire that they be healthy, safe and protected is much more real for you.

One version of a simple spell that I often do for loved ones is candle magick. I might burn a candle if a loved one is sick, or needs my help in some way. You may offer to burn the candle for them and respect their choice, if they say yes, that's great. If they do not answer your offer, or say no, do not take offense, simply set it aside and realize it may not be something they feel comfortable with.

Also, be careful that your loved one needs your help. You might get into a habit of burning candles for them over time, but the need may no longer be there, especially if they do not ask you, and then you are not doing it for them any longer, but for yourself and you might wish to re-evaluate and spend your energy and time more wisely.

Your magick is special, valuable, sacred and precious. It must be respected and never taken for granted. Not by you or anyone else. Take time to consider your magick carefully and seriously. If you find you are casting spells every day for trivial things, especially for things that you can easily go out and achieve for yourself, then you're not keeping your energy and power reserved for use when it is really needed.

I find burning a candle and asking the Goddess to give special notice for a loved one who may need guidance, protection, healing or special help from the Divine is a very useful method without casting a full ritual circle and is still quite effective.

Most important, be sure you are doing the candle magick for the loved ones in your life who actually want your help and you are not simply doing it for them because you think they need it. They may simply be being nice and not wish to hurt your feelings, but if they do not ask you for your help, or do not mention a need when they know you normally would do this for them, in a specific circumstance, then leave it alone.

This may apply to mothers who wish to do magick for their adult children, friends who wish to help out close friends, even spouses who want to help their partner but maybe over stepping. Evaluate the situation and wait and see. If your loved one knows that you do candle magick on a regular basis and that you often offer to do so for them, yet they refrain from asking or mentioning a situation whereas you would be asked to do so, then you have your answer.

We often mention how we need permission to do a spell for someone, and having their permission is fine, but without their desire it is just as if they never gave their permission in the first place.

When in doubt, simply wait for them to approach you and ask. A witch worth her magick never sells herself nor her magick, nor does she panhandle her abilities on the street as like a three card Monte street hustler.

In time, your abilities and your magick will  become known for it's own stellar reputation.

Live, Laugh, and Always Love, Ms. Faith

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