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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

We are Never Promised Tomorrow, Be Thankful Today and Everyday!

A Happy Thanksgiving Day to you My Witchy Readers,

As I sit here in a drab motel room on the top of a mountain in the very upper reaches of northern Vermont, waiting to go and see my family, looking forward to the familiar familial energies that are unique to each family, I find myself counting my blessings. Yes, today is an annual day of thanksgiving, of feeling gratitude and being comforted by the blessings in our lives.

Ah yes, it is easy to get snarky and irritated with one or another because we are so close, we can and not fear being ejected from their lives forever, but we can also choose to take a breath and center and realize, as much as we might have issues with family members or friends during the heightened energies of the holidays, our lives would be forever changed should they pass away and no longer be in our world.

We are never promised tomorrow. We are never promised love everlasting, or the fairy tale ending. We only have today and our ability to make this one day as special as we can make it. This is true for each and every day, not just Thanksgiving or another holiday or special occasion. So look around you and take notice of the loved ones in your life, the warm home you find yourself in, the food you will consume today, your health and if your health is failing, take note of the advances in modern medicine and pharmaceuticals that can make your life so much better and more comfortable.

I am grateful that I live in a country where my religious freedoms are secure, and regardless of whether your candidate was elected in the last Presidential election or not, we continue to have freedoms, rights and privileges that would be unrecognizable in other parts of the world. In regards to the past election, people have easily found so many things to complain about, and why does it seem easier to complain than to express gratitude? Yes, we have many things in our country and world today that need to be made better, many injustices and atrocities but as a human race we have every moment of every day where we can do things small to large to help make things better. As long as we do not give into despair, never give up and give in to a sense of defeat, we can make a difference in our world, everyday.

The witch uses magick, the lay person uses pragmatic means, the spiritualist uses divine energies, the intellectual uses words, the activist uses protests, the doctors use medicine, the educators use teaching methods but we all do what we can to make our world a better place for us to live in. The witch knows that what we send out returns to us, so sending out energies of gratitude and thankfulness, we know they will return to us and in turn make our lives happier and more fulfilling, A self created circle of positive energy continuously flowing back to you.

I know, for some it sounds fantastical, but for those who practice sending out positive energy it manifests readily. So think about that and those and all you consider blessings in your life, give them thought and consideration and appreciation.  Do this for a few moments everyday and notice how your life starts to change for the better. And know it is your connection to the divine, the magickal that is making this happen. Life does not happen to us, we create the life that happens around us and within us.

Blessings, This day of Thanksgiving and everyday of the year!

Peace and Happiness

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