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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another Super Moon and Other Ways To Use it to Enhance Your Life

Magickal Greetings My Witchy Readers,

This last part of 2016 we have been blessed with a number of astronomical phenomenon, such as eclipses and Super Moons. Both last  month and then again this month we have had super moons and this one in November is supposed to be the biggest, best and shiniest (my word!!) since 1948.  Well, I don't know about that, but it was truly an amazing moon and whereas last month I talked about how you can use the moon for relationship issues, starting, finishing and completing projects, let's talk about how this moon can be used for other fun witchy things.

For instance, a full moon, especially one with other fun phenomenon attached, like this super moon, is wonderful for putting out your crystals and magickal stones to charge and cleanse and re-energize. You only need to leave them out for maybe 20-30 minutes. I took mine out under the full moon and it was cloudy but the clouds broke up and moon beams shone through and touched upon my stones. I also took out some very special jewelry of mine and held it up to the clouds and waited for the moon to shine through and the jewelry was charged in only a moment. It needn't take hours.

You can also take outside, candles that might need a boost or recharge if they haven't been used in a long time. You, yourself, can take a moon bath. I would do this during warmer months depending on where you live.  Take a chair and put it somewhere, where you know the moon will shine and you will have some privacy. Then take a bath or a shower and afterwards, wrap yourself in a sheet, nude underneath. Sit in the chair and then open the sheet and allow the moon beams to shine down upon you.  Breath in the moon light and the positive,magickal energies and exhale the unwanted, stressful, everyday energies from the week, or the month. You can inhale and visualize a positive, life affirming experience while exhaling a life experience you wish to be over with and to eliminate from your life.

For Pagans and Witches, the moon personifies our Goddess. When you look at Her, you can speak to Her, ask for Her assistance, light a candle so the moon light shines upon it and know you are in Her presence.  You can speak with Her, as an adviser, a mentor, a Mother,  a Wise Elder.  You do not need someone special, like a Priest or Priestess, to talk with Her, just simply need to talk and She will listen.

Remember the main energy of the full moon is to banish and remove unwanted energies from your life. All that no longer serves you, the circumstances, the situations, the stagnant energies and although we do not banish 'people' you can banish their unhealthy influence over you and it will be easier for you to set them aside, to the peripheral of your life. Then you are ready to prepare for all the good, positive things to come into your life during the new moon which is in two weeks.

This super moon was full  this past Monday so it's intense energy is still able  to be worked with for another day (Tomorrow, Thursday) and it's energy, being such a powerful moon, will still have energy to charge and  make  changes for yet a few more  days. But by Sunday, it will  be time to start preparing for the New Moon.

It is also important to know, even if you are  not able to see the moon during all of Her glory, because of where you live, the configuration of your home, trees which block it, or perhaps you are unable to be outside after dark  or any other reason, you can still use Her energy. Burn a candle and ask for the Power of the Moon to descend upon you and the items you are working with. Yes, it is similar to "Drawing Down the Moon" but you are not bringing the Goddess forth into your body as in that ritual, but drawing the energizing, charging,  empowering,  Goddess energies into your stones, crystals, tools or items you are working with.

This  moon is also excellent for charging crystal balls and other items with which you divine with. The moon has held great awe and power,  magick and mystery for humans on Earth for over hundreds of thousands of years. The energy of millions of humans looking up and feeling the awesome splendor of the moon is also an energy that you can tap into every time you look at Her, and feel Her  magick.

May the Moon shine her goodness over you tonight!

Peace and Happiness,  Ms. Faith

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