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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, October 31, 2016

How to Celebrate Your Loved Ones Who Have Passed on Samhain

Happy Samhain,

My Muse  is motivating me yet again, and I wish to tell you about an aspect of this holiday (Holy Day) of Samhain also known as Halloween that some are not aware of. It is our Day of the Dead. Our Memorial day, November 1st, Samhain. It is also our first day of our Pagan new year.

With all the spooky, scary decorations, spooky to sexy costumes, parties for young and adult, and the required trick or treating, there is still time and, for me,  a strong focus on remembering those who have passed on.

I  always serve party foods during the night of October 31st. One, it's easier to have appetizers and finger foods when going to the door every few moments to dole out the expected treats for the little monsters who come calling.

I also, seldom, if ever, have an actual party.  I primarily have the party for the spirits. I put pictures  of loved ones around the table, and  always put a plate of their favorite foods on the table, that no living person eats or touches. You can put a glass of juice, wine or  punch for the spirits also.  It is also appropriate to have a chair, that no one is allowed to sit in,  kept empty during this "spirit party" for the spirits to use if they choose.

These aspects of recognizing the spirits as being present, is a concept that is found in ancient cultures with vestiges still showing up in modern cultures like Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico  and other South American cultures, Italy, Spain as well as others. Many times, things the loved ones who have passed enjoyed from music, flowers, perfumes, a special item or jewelry is placed on the celebratory table in memory, love and respect.

In some cultures today, entire families will  bring the party to the cemetery, and have a picnic by the graveside of the deceased and sing songs, tell stories of the person's life and feast as if the person they are honoring is there amongst them. There are those of us who believe they are.

In many modern cultures like in the United States and in some religious practices, the death anniversary is a time for solemn mourning,  Masses are held in church, and the family members remember their loved one but with a sense of grief and sadness. Many of the Day of the Dead celebrations are just that, celebrations as those who are there feel as if they are being reunited again with their loved one and are together again. For many it is a time of joy as they know their loved one is with them again in a state of peace and love with no pain, illness or grief.

How ever you choose to remember your loved ones who have passed over, know that how ever you feel, however you choose to remember, that is the right way for you. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is no right or wrong way to honor them, or remember them. The way you choose is the right way for you.

I am presenting, another way of viewing a situation everyone of us has to go through in this lifetime. We will all lose someone we love, and we will  all grieve and feel loss and sadness. After many years, I find it therapeutic and cathartic for me, although I still feel sadness, to feel  peace and happiness knowing they can be here with me, because love is a bond even death cannot breach.

Simply thinking of a loved one who has passed, brings them to you. They cannot do otherwise. If you have words you wish to share with them, talk to them. Look at a picture of them,  or see them in your mind's eye and talk. They will hear you. They may not be able to communicate with you in a way you can hear or understand, but know they hear you.

The veil between the worlds grows very thin this Samhain eve night, and the worlds I speak of are the physical world of  reality we inhabit and the world of the absolute that spirits inhabit. Also once the spirits have been on the other side for a time, they burn off the restrictions, judgments, the control they felt they needed in the physical world and will send only love and acceptance. They no longer  look at the world as they once did. They come from a place that only knows love. Fights are forgiven, misunderstandings are no longer,  grudges are forgotten, and love remains.

I like to burn a candle on my altar with a picture of a loved one who has passed and I know they are with me and I with them. It brings me peace and comfort.That is all I can ask for.

May you be with your loved ones who have passed this Blessed Samhain season, in love and in peace. Blessed Be

Peace and Happiness

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