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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rare Super Moon in Aries this Sunday October 16, 2016

Good Morning My Witchy Readers,

Well today is a special day for moon lovers.  Today, October 16, 2016, is the day of the Super Full Moon in Aries. Many call it a power moon. It is colloquially known as the Hunter's Moon also the Blood Moon and the Harvest Moon. It's interesting how many groups of people over the centuries have given the moons, throughout the year, special names. From The Native Americans, the Colonists, the Old Farmer's Almanac etc. This moon is given it's folk names of Hunter and Blood Moons, due to the time of the year where hunters go out into the woods and forests and start hunting wild game, as well as The Harvest Moon, which recognizes that it is the harvest season before winter sets in.

But the Super  Moon designation is more scientific and is attributed to this moon by Astronomers, those scientists who spend their time gazing into the night skies to see what the space around our planet holds. The scientific explanation of the super moon is when the moon is in it's closest proximity to the earth as it orbits around the earth, while being in a full  moon state. This can also happen while the moon is new, but as we cannot see the new moon, it seldom gets the same attention.

Also, just as a reminder from fifth grade science class, the sun is a star that though it rotates it seems to stay stationary, while the  planets orbit around the sun, which gives us our seasons. The earth rotates on it's axis every 24 hours, which gives us our day light hours and night time hours, while our moon orbits around the earth every 28, plus a little more, days, which gives us our waxing to full moon and then waning to new moon phases. Of course, for an Astronomer, there is more to all of this, but in a nutshell this is what you need to know.

Now, for the witchy aspect of this Super moon, it is over-all positive energy. A very strong, positive energy which will affect everyone on the planet to some respect. It is a full moon, so primarily, it is an excellent time for eliminating the harmful, unwanted, stagnant energies from your life. You can also push to the peripheral, those toxic people that seek to bring you down, to control you, who seek to judge you, and who simply do not see you for the wonderful person you are. You will also see that relationships that have come to their natural and reasonable conclusion, will end and become a part of your past. This is not a bad thing, though it may be upsetting.

Every relationship has a birth, a life and a death. Sometimes it is the five minutes you spend with the cashier, in line checking out of the market, never to see her/him again. It could be a long term relationship with family or close friends. Many times those who divorce go through such angst, anger and stress because they truly believe they are meant to be together "till death do you part." when they simply needed to come together, perhaps from a past life, to continue and then finish off the relationship, so they can move ahead. Relationships may have bumps along the road, but if they become intolerable, it may be that they are nearing their natural end.

This Super moon will also highlight many hidden things. Dishonesty, illusion, lies, deception will all  come to light in the next 28 days.  The moon's energy is effective for the typical 7 days, which is the three days before, day of, and three days afterwards for magickal workings. But the highlighting of things in the dark will continue to be illuminated for the 28 day lunar cycle,due this moon being a super moon.

Procrastination, projects that need  to be completed can be easily accomplished now. Broken relationships that you wish to repair, people you have hurt or those who have hurt you or in some way you have fallen out with, that you wish to keep in your life, can easily be remedied and those  relationships will then step up and continue on a higher, better level than before. You see, this moon can banish as well as bring in. It is powerful in both areas.

Aspects that can be brought in are healing, forgiveness, acceptance and understanding, which are all very close in vibrational energy. If you wish to heal emotional, spiritual wounds, first of  all forgive yourself, then look around you and look at those who have hurt you.  Accept them for who they are.  I do NOT mean accept their hurtful actions and the things they may have done or said to you, but accept who they are, because we can't change them. If you can forgive them fine, if not forgive yourself for any hurtful feelings you may be holding inside against them and allow yourself to move on with a clear mind and an open heart.

Allow healing of spirit, soul, body and mind and most especially, healing of your heart, is the energy of this super moon. Allow yourself to live, love and laugh.

One additional aspect of this moon, is to be aware of your ego. The Aries influence of this moon makes one cocky, so you maybe feeling a bit entitled,  a little full of oneself, but being aware of this you have options. You can tweak it and make it confidence, self assurance, discipline, and pride in you and all you do. If you do feel yourself getting a bit cocky, simply dial it down and realize we are all on this path, experiencing, laughing, loving and interacting with one another.

If this super moon can teach you anything, it is we are each where we are supposed  to be, right now. We have the total control of where we will  go and where we will  find ourselves tomorrow, next week  and next month. Truly, no one else controls our lives, but us.

Allow yourself to open up to the healing, the spirituality, the  love, the happiness and the fresh path that winds before you. Taking one step at a time, be sure to slow down for a moment to notice the beauty that is all around you and always take a moment and look at the full moon and feel the magick within.

So spend a moment looking at the moon this evening, and ask for all it's magickal  powers to come into your life and bring it's positive energies to you. And it will!

Peace and Happiness, Ms. Faith

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