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The Contemporary New England Witch
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Times When it is the Hardest to Do Magick and What To Do Instead

Good Evening My Witchy Readers,

Many times I harvest tidbits for my discussions with you from my own life and experiences. Sometimes I use questions posed by students and customers, and today is no different. We have discussed spell casting in the past and it can be quite academic, following the Anatomy of a Spell, and following Spell Manifestation as I have discussed in previous discussions as well as in my book.

Yet, many, many times we find ourselves in a difficult place and we wish to cast a spell. When I say difficult, I mean emotions may overtake us. We may be angry at an injustice, or sad at a loss. We may be confused and unsure as to the exact right thing to do to help with a situation.  We may be heartbroken, suffering grief, or even so incredibly happy and excited about something, or someone new in our lives we have lost focus a bit.

All of these conditions do not make for the proper mind set for creating magick and casting spells. So, after 30 years of spell casting and practicing witchcraft I will tell you a secret and a truth. During times when your emotions are not completely in your control, you do not do magick. You cast no spell. yes, just as I said, do not do that type of magick.  Especially if another is involved, because even the best intentions, the most honorable and highest purpose (in your mind) crosses a boundary, when involving another without their express permission.

So, what to do? Well, I do not advocate doing nothing, that is not what I'm saying. Yet, rather than trying to  compose yourself and focus and raise the ritual trance energy required for effective spell casting, instead give it to the Goddess.

Light a candle, and speak to your Goddess. If you do not work with a specific Goddess, and that is not necessary, speak aloud to the Great Mother Goddess of all. Tell her of your pain, your grief, your sadness. Explain the problem, and the solution you desire, even if you are not sure how to get there.

Hold the candle, speak your heart and desires, light it, and allow it to burn for several hours.  Then give it up to HER. Allow Her to do what is best and what is meant to be encountered on your magickal path. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it is not, it will not.

You cannot finagle, cast shadows, trick, fool or  cajole the Goddess. What you are meant to experience you will. Understanding that will, eventually, save you a lot of wasted time and effort. And your world will continue on as it is meant to, with the experiences, people, places, and lessons you are meant to encounter.  If you are aware and prepared for this, you will get there quicker.

Yes,  sometimes it is not the right time to cast a spell, and I don't mean the moon cycle or the day of the week,  or time of the year. Sometimes we are in an emotional place where spell casting can bring us into darkness, by our very actions and magickal energy.  If you are fearful, you might be in such a place, talk to the Goddess and she will return the light to your world.

Peace and Happiness, Ms. Faith

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  1. This is not only very interesting but speaks the truth We often get caught up in our own emotional whirlwind and DON'T think clearly..I would absolutely love if you gave a second more in depth blog on this-thank you