The Contemporary New England Witch

The Contemporary New England Witch
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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Witch and Magick and Why We Do Not Seek Revenge

Good Afternoon My Witchy Readers,

 Oh my Goddess! Tis the season, indeed! The season I refer to, is the Witching season, the fall, Autumn, Halloween season that is coming upon us. This season more than any other, in my opinion, when it comes around, attracts those who wish to play witch or Pagan.

You can tell these people from real witches. If you are a witch, one that studies, practices, learns and walks the path of divine magick and love, then there are some principles you carry close to your heart.  
We do not do vengeful magick because someone pissed us off. Oh trust me, I can see how people desire to do things like this, but with over 30 years of practice, experience and observing magickal manifestation, it DOES NOT work that way.
What a witch does, is allow the karmic energies to return to those who sent them. Not fast enough for you? Too bad. The witch is patient and in the meantime learns from the experience. Perhaps we learn not to trust some people, but we to trust those closest to us. 

We develop a thicker skin because we know not everyone will love us or even like us. Hell, some want us banished to the depths of hell, never to return. We simply deal and go on.
We do not spend time seeking revenge and trying to send karma back to someone who has wronged us. That is simply not understanding the true energies of the magick we work with. Yes, we can protect, yes we can banish unwanted energies from our lives, but to deliberately seek to send someone's yuck back to them. We just do not do this!
Wow! If you feel like you are entitled to  do  vengeful magick, because your feelings are hurt, get off your high broomstick, You are better than that. If you feel that you can do such a thing and remain unscathed, you will soon learn a very serious lesson. Karma does not care any more than a rubber band, stretched to it's limit, cares when it is released. It will travel until it finds it's target.
No matter how 'right' you think you are, no matter how righteous is your desire, how mean and wrong and awful the other person is. You can call yourself a vengeful, pissed off person seeking revenge, but do not call yourself  'witch'. That title is reserved for those 'wise' enough to know better.

It never fails, this time of year, the pretenders come out. There is nothing wrong with getting into the spirit of the holiday, but when you call yourself a witch, or Wiccan and then start posts on Social Media of how you will burn a candle and do harmful magick against another, you simply look unschooled, and foolish. You will not impress those who know of what magick truly is.

If you desire to be a real witch in your heart, in your life then start studying. Read real published books, rather than Internet sites, which have little to no credibility. Learn from those who have walked the path of the witch and can teach you the ways. Will it be easy? Not at all. Will it come fast and without challenge, no. If you are willing to pick up the broomstick and really do the work, the rewards are endless,  the love of the Goddess and the divine energy that will fill your life, become greater than any silly revenge spell. 

That is a mystery that a real witch knows to be true. Anyone that tells you differently, be very, very cautious.  Magick is Love.  Magick is only Love.  Magick only knows Love. 

Peace and Happiness - Ms. Faith 

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  1. Your words are very true. Thank you. I am a follower of Kali-in-Dianetic(?) and was warned long ago against Black-Magic. I was also told that Good-Magic for the wrong reasons could upset her.

    I appreciate your posts. Thank your for taking time out of your busy schedule to enlighten us.